“Rogue” police Social media attacker begs Sen Binta to forgive him over derogatory statements

A police officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has turned into a attacker of people, especially political office holder and high profile personalities,Luwa Debeghi Daudah Michika was remorseful Saturday evening to have send an epistle of apology to Senator Binta Masi Garba over unprinted and unwarranted names calling building up to 2019 General elections on the social media.

You would recall that Senator Binta Masi Garba had represented Adamawa Northern Senatorial District from 2015-2019 under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Police officer Luwa was well known over the social media attacking the workaholic Senator Binta who has done so much for the people of the zone in terms of employment generation and infrastructural development.

The serving Young police officer who took to his Facebook page and administrator of many WhatsApp groups went down to memory lane to have described himself a foolish fellow who worked round the clock to scuttled down her second term ambition.

Luwa in the apology letter revealed how he played a major role in killing the political dreams of Binta by supporting a particular candidate who was so close to him.

“Your successor keep a tab on my activities. He did a good job here. He knew that my love for gutsy hearted youths is nonnegotiable, hence his closeness to me. The blindfolded rhetorics for youths empowerment and leadership/power shift to the youths which is well-garnished in me propelled the fire inside me to recklessly opened up not only my arms but my innermost heart when he came seeking for my assistance for his senatorial ambition three years ago.

I’ve so many lamentations but i chose to stop here till another time. My days are filled with anguish and regrets because of my foolish actions against you and my nights are filled with sorrow my stupidity. I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me ma.” Luwa begged

The letter which went viral in social media handles of many people addressed to Senator Binta by the police officer who turned social media “attacks Dog” regrets his actions and sounds burying his head in shame.

“Oh God forgive my foolishness! I was so blind to a cause that I couldn’t envisage the disgrace that awaits me. Ma, I’m not an excessively conceited person. My community and constituency comes first. By now Michika would’ve had a lofty representation in the red chambers as Majority Leader, Deputy Majority, Chiefwhip or Deputy Chiefwhip and host of other key positions? You would’ve been the first female Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Chiefwhip or Leader of the House since the SP slot was zone to North East. Afterall, there is nothing impossible in God’s sight. By now you would’ve wild enormous influence and forced the contractors handling Kudzam & Dilchim broken Bridges who out of fear and inconvenienced may have fixed everything. Michika LG Area the most severely affected by godless activities of Boko Haram would’ve gotten the needed attention that is deserving.” He pleaded

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He continue to beg that:
“Antyna, kiyi hakurei Dani don Girman Allah. The man has shown me dan’uwanťakafilee da yan’uwana as at the time. We were so close. We created a strong bond of familyhood which has become so strong that it didn’t temper with our family relationship even amid our political and social differences. The mutual affection we have for one another is the major reason I always rammed into many faceless enemies. Sometimes, I’ve to launched all manner of attacks on anyone I presumed is detrimental to his social, economic, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. I sapped a better part of my energy fighting most of his endless battles for political survival/struggles. I didn’t even pity myself or even mind the magnitudes of my dishonorable conduct. I keep fighting despite several warnings from my colleagues, lovers, well-wishers, friends, family members, and even good people I once labeled as my enemies.

“I wish I could erase memories of horrible feelings I make you went through because of my miscalculated actions.

“In fact, in my life, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and worse of all is my enormous contributions in the rat race that whittled down your quest for second-term ambition. This was made possible when I assembled regiments of avid like-minded youths and respected elders of our communities who partly executed the mission that ended your re-election project. This has remained a permanent scar in my heart.

“My fondness for youths participation in leadership and national development motivated me to irrationally jump into your successor’s project without giving it a second thought. The rest is history. All thanks to my foolishness for embracing such flamboyant extrapolations.

“If Almighty God the maker of planet earth, other living, and non-living things can be enmeshed in regret over one of his creation (Gen 6:6), how much more of a mere mortal being like me who has never even molded a mud block?

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“My actions drew hordes of artificial and real enemies I’ve no business with. I was called unprintable names while those who cannot endure my excesses hunt me down with vindictiveness – where I was petitioned by your battalion of diehard supporters (as alleged), but your quick intervention against them saved the day (as alleged). If not, by now, I would’ve earned laurels in fine bara due to the large volume of dependants on my neck. Thanks once again for your quick intervention Distinguish Sen Binta Masi Garba. May the Lord Almighty be soft and tender on your misdeeds and milk your struggles with the sweetest butter.

“And lastly, Barka da Ramadan, may this blesseth month of Ramadan bring peace and boundless joy unto you and your entire family Antyna.”

In her reply, Senator Binta spoke with the love of God coming from her heart and emphatically stressed that:

“Forgiveness is divine and of what benefits should I harbor bitterness? God is the giver of all things including power. Am glad that my stewardship is been tested and the difference is clear.

“My only pain is the denial of job opportunities and developments that would have bèen earned, is now wasted. We have been taken backward. I bear no grudges against anyone. It’s part of my destiny. Greater things await us in the future. My hope and confidence are in Jesus Christ the Almighty. He who began the Good works in us, He is faithful to complete it. Gun down doesn’t mean the end of life but the beginning of good things.

“The same scriptures say when there is a casting down then definitely there is a lifting up. It’s well my dear brother. Am touched by the write-up. We must forget the past and forged ahead and look at the good and bright sunny side of life. With God on our side, we can make it once again. You are still my brother. Love you with the lord of Chris. standing as in the book of lst John 4: 4,,7 and 11 verses. Take care and stay safe. God bless you richly dearly beloved bro.”

Reacting to the content of the letter, a social media activist and a politician Tony Zira Tumba Said the colossal damage meted on the most performing Senator by officer Luwa is indescribable and the letter is coming at the wrong time when the officer has parted ways with the present Senator.

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According to him the contents of the letter suggested Luwa is a rogue police officer whose attitude of “attack and gets what you want” from a particular politician is not working again or business as usual with the current class of politician.

“This is the attitude of a rogue, a deceiver, and a cheat. If one may ask, shall there be a Sweet relationship with the present politician would he have written the apology letter? If he is looking for a true reconciliation he would have done that long before now and restitute his ways early than now.

“I wonder why this kind of miscreants are destroying the good image of people like Binta and freely moving around, I never knew all this while the young man is a serving police officer and had the courage under his uniform to be castigating people with no limit.

“The character assassination the police officer did on President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Binta, Senator Muhammadu Jibrila Bindow and so many other ones may think is a politician on the opposing side.

“I will certainly petition the IGP for calling him to order, this is unbecoming of a supposed police officer. Why is he so visible to the extend of ruining the destiny of someone?

“As far as I’m concern this apology letter is pretentious and not a true reflection of genuine repentance because the chips are down that’s why is looking who is to stay under his or her cover to insult or attack others too.

“My dear Senator Binta I now know you are a genuine Christian and truly demonstrated the virtues of a true Christians for embracing him under the cover of forgiving, but please don’t allow people like him under the guise of your supporter ruin other people lives for mundane things. Karma is a bitch, yes you have forgiven him but I know the God you serve has a way of fighting for you because the wicked shall never go unpunished said the holy books.

“The content of his letter is suggesting the young man is too crook and devilish. Is never a repentant Man, is work is in a circle, what he did to you is planning to do it to another person so goes his life.”Tumba Said

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