See reasons Why US President Biden invites Nigerian family to White House

US President Joe Biden has made a ‘historic’ phone call to a Nigerian family living in Springfield, Illinois, in appreciation of the $5 donation they made towards his inauguration

A video clip of the phone call between President Biden, his wife and Nigerian family members made up of a father and his two daughters, was obtained by FirstNews Online.

President Biden also seized the opportunity to invite the man and his two daughters, who identified themselves as Josephine and Beatrice, to the White House as his guests.

The newly inaugurated US President, who threw banters with the man and his two daughters throughout the 12minutes and 18 seconds video, first expressed his wish to meet the Nigerian family members “one day.”

Biden told the family, “I wish I can get to meet with you guys, maybe one day I will. You must be so proud of your Dad. I hope you guys will come and visit me in the White House when the virus comes down…I’ll figure out a way, when you’re able to travel to get you guys in the White House.”

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The US President was also heard in the background telling his wife, who she told the Nigerian family is a professor and teacher, “I’m inviting them to the White House when the virus gets under control.”

Excited by the US President’s invitation to the White House, the Nigerian father yelled, “President Biden, please, make it real! We’ll love to come, please!”

The Nigerian father further told President Biden about the invitation to the White House, saying, “Oh my goodness; that will be historical because that’s my dream. We’ve never been there; even we’ve never been to DC, but we follow everything.

“I’ve been looking at most of your videos, even when you were young, as a young Senator then in the 70s, how you stood up for black people and I say wow, this is not the beginning, it has been in your gene. It is running in your veins.

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“So, we really appreciate that and I know you’re a man of your words and that’s the reason why we follow you all around anywhere and whatever we do and I pray that God will give you the wisdom, the direction to do the right thing for the American people and for the entire world because your position is a delicate position and that makes you to be the father of the whole world and you’re carrying a heavy load. But God will help you to carry it.”

To underscore his seriousness about the invitation he has extended to the Nigerian family, Biden stressed, “I’m serious, I’m serious. We don’t say it if we don’t mean it.”

While asking the family which part of Nigeria they hail from, a question to which their father replied, “Ibadan, that is Oyo State, very close to Lagos State,” President Biden took his time to tell them why America, which started as a nation of immigrants, has remained strong.

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Biden narrated to the Nigerian family how people of different races from all over the world came together to form the United States of America, saying his own grandparents came from Ireland to the US in the 1800s.

He further told the Nigerian family that he had two daughters, one of whom has died, as well as four granddaughters, who they would see on TV by his side during his inauguration ceremony.

The elder of the Nigerian family’s daughters, Josephine, who Biden spent most of the time talking directly with during the phone conversation, and who he described as very smart and intelligent to become the American president in future, thanked the US President for the call, saying, “This is really cool, I see you on TV and now I’m talking to you. I wish you the best of luck in your Presidency and I hope everything goes smoothly.”

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