“You have derailed, don’t make me believe that you were fake in 2014 “-former aide writes Gov Fintiri an Open letter


“In 2014 you were more of a servant to the people than a leader. In 2014 you talked less and listen more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, so hard you disagree with your critics without cogent reasons.


(Assist publicity secretary APC Adamawa state)

By Hon Muhammad Mayas.

I decided to write this letter to you, not as a member of an opposition political party the APC, but as a good citizen of Adamawa state as well as someone who worked with you when you were an acting governor.

These two reasons are enough to warrant me writing this letter to you. I know by the time you are reading my letter, you have read many of such, and many more are still coming from different patriots.

I agreed as a member of an opposition political party the APC I didn’t work for you in the 2019 general elections, but as your former appointee who worked with you, it’s not bad to wake you up when you are derailing, to be Frank, you have derailed. A lot is missing in you now politically, I mean your political thinking, your style of leadership, and how you relate with the poor masses has changed completely. Sometimes my mind is trying to convince me that this Fintiri of 2019 wasn’t the same Fintiri l worked in 2014. In 2014, you were more of a servant to the people than a leader. Today this important character isn’t with you. In 2014 you talked less and listen more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, so hard you disagree with your critics without cogent reasons.
You operate an open and transparent government that Welcome meaningful advice or criticism. Still, I can remember how disturbed you used to be in most of our campaign rallies in 2014 when you see vibrant youths displaying posters and acting like thugs, but weren’t given opportunities. I can still recall how you felt about the Unity of this state. Your vision to the state was very strong at that time, all this plus others that I don’t want to disturb you with, make our govt very strong and weakened the opposition at that time. Today, all this thinking isn’t with you. Remember how you swiftly moved into action after your inauguration as an acting governor in 2014, by flagging off-road projects within the state capital and beyond, in less than one month you facelift the entire state capital, but today,18 months after your inauguration as an elected executive Gov you can’t show a single project initiated and completed by your govt. Your attention to the civil servant and subsequent payment of their two months outstanding salaries owed to them by governor Nyako, Nicknamed you the ATM governor at that time. The emotional labor rally at RAMAT college on Thursday, two days to the run-off elections in 2014 is still in our memories, and because of these actions and support we enjoyed, the scheduled runoff election, which was abruptly stopped by a competent court of law was a mere worked over. let me remind you how blindly people stood behind you in 2014 not knowing that you are not what you portrayed to be .when the opposition at that time comes up with what we called fabricated stories about ur intentions of braking the Fulanis Calabash and subsequent plans of building a church inside Jimeta main market against the wish of the occupants, we walked tirelessly to counter the opposition at that time. as your adviser on information and public affairs, I organized a live Radio program with ABC Yola for you to future and clear the air on that sensitive issue that almost consumed your political ambition at that time. and it was successful based on the phone call you received congratulating you immediately after the program, which you confirm to me.


The vision you have for the state, your feelings for the unemployed youths, calmness in you. govt, Labour relations you managed to build in 2014, good leadership style and governance, open and transparent govt, the unity of the state you claimed to be interested in, government project allocations based on there needs or priorities, humbleness, realistic approach to a community problem, etc. are missing in your today’s method of leadership style. If I may ask, why, your 2014 differs from your 2019? DONT make me believe that 2014 is fake.
The Labour leadership, who organized the emotional rally on that Thursday morning 2014, despite the fact, that, there was a court ruling declaring our govt illegitimate, are no more with you today, because you failed them, you promised to pay them 32000 as a minimum wage but you end up deducting their salaries without any tangible reason. The issue of state unity is out of your agenda as so many reasons shows you are balkanizing the state electorate, for your 2023 project.
The welfare of the youths you claimed during our campaign rallies in the state turn to be digital. The selective and unwarranted dismissal of over 10000 vibrant young men and women in the civil service, justified the above statement. I tried to read meaning on why an elected governor who claimed to have won his election through a popular mandate, would stand so low and highly selective in the disengaging civil servant who was collecting salary one or two years before his election. It was only when I watched the viral video of senator Abbos press conference and had what he said about your intentions of fighting the Fulanis that I rest my case. this video is still in circulation in case his Excellency needs a copy.
The mission and vision you claimed for the state have also faded because in less than a year you become a hero among your colleague by being the best governor in terms of borrowing. Borrowing is a burden, most especially when the funds borrowed aren’t properly or judiciously utilize, just like what’s happening now in the state. you borrowed to build houses those houses are not in existence you borrowed to construct roads, for more than a year less than a kilometer road in Bacchure remain a nightmare to the residence of that area, you borrowed to improve our education but the sector is more dilapidated than ever before.
Your Excellency, the most damaging of all in your project’s priorities, is the proposed two flyovers in the state capital. You don’t need expert advice to tell you that these two projects are a misplacement of prioritizing. With over 8billion allocated for the two projects you can use them and achieved a lot in the rural areas where you received most of your votes. Tola/Binyeri, in MAYO below local govt. Jada, Nbulo to Ganye in Jada local govt.Bali to Bele in Demsa local govt Savana /Gewana to Lamurde in Lamurde local govt Shigari to Mapeo to Kojoli In Fufore local govt.Dunne to look, or marraraban Dumne in Song local govt, GOMBI to Gaanda in GOMBI local govt. Pella to Maiha in Hong local govt. Victim to Muvur to Kudzum in Mubi north local govt, Michika to kunburshosho in Michika local govt, Shuwa to kirshinga, Shuwa to Palam and Sukur roads in Madagali local govt, just to mention few areas, need your urgent attention more than these two flyovers. All these places mentioned are in the rural areas where you received most of your votes. Indeed yo have derailed from the knd of good leader you used to be. You have changed,from the Fintiri i know in 2014 to somebody total difference now.

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The glory of being the first governor in the northeast to build a flyover cannot be achieved as Governor Baba Gana Zulum’s flyover in post office Maiduguri is almost ready for commissioning.
Your situation room, if you have them would confirm to you, that, the little support you enjoyed in the 2019 election has vanished because you choose to hoards Indomie send to them by Mr. President to cushion the effects of COVID19 in the state.

You and your friends have adopted a draconian method of intimidation to stop the opposition from talking and it would not help you to succeed. daily or hourly your support within your party itself is shrinking. Today the party you inherited under a single unified leadership has been factionalizing. with two chairmen and two secretariats in the state, because of your poor method in managing success. increasingly you are becoming a liability than an asset to your party. you must grow if you want to survive, though morally and intellectually you are not prepared to.

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Thanks and God bless the good people of Adamawa.
I remain yours, MAYAS.

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