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Trump will win US presidential election, says Bayelsa prophet 

….Nigeria will never disintegrate – Clement

A popular Bayelsa State-based Evangelist and Prophetess, Justina Clement, has predicted a landslide victory for Mr Donald Trump in the United States of America presidential election.

The Prophetess, an ex-beauty queen, who was Miss Bayelsa in 2010, also prophesied that despite the clamour for secession in Nigeria, the country would never disintegrate.Clement, the evangelist in charge of One Trillion Miracles Outreach International Ministry, is reputed to have predicted the fall of former Governor of Bayelsa State, late Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, and the emergence of Dr Goodluck Jonathan as governor of Bayelsa State and subsequently the President of the country, among other prophecies. She said:

“The Lord told me that despite the strong opposition that Donald Trump is going to face, He the Lord has given him another term of office. God wants the world to know that there is a prophet and that this prophet is a woman.

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“God specifically said to me that in spite of what Trump is passing through, he is still going to be President of the United States of America for another four years.”

When reminded that the opinion polls conducted with regard to the US election were not in favour of Trump so far, she maintained that the Lord said Trump would still become the President and that He the Lord had enthroned him the American President.Clement further said:

“God insisted that Donald Trump is His own servant and he is going to finish his assignment in the USA.”

“The prophecy is not my making. It is what God has said. God is not a man that He can lie and according to the Bible, His word does not return to Him void and must accomplish the reason it is sent.”

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On Nigeria, the Prophetess said the Lord revealed to her that Nigeria would never disintegrate, stressing that all the hue and cry about secession would not be realised.Clement stated:

“There was a time a lot of people were saying the Niger Delta would go on its own, I was also believing so, but the Lord told me that this nation, Nigeria, is my own country and will never disintegrate and it will remain as one as long as I want.

“There might be a lot of things going on today but that does not mean that Nigeria will split because the Lord said it will never separate. Even when I sometimes doubt, He would say to me that the country would not split. He would show me the pictures pertaining to this country and that Nigeria would never split.

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”I want the world to know that the earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof and that there is nothing that happens without His knowledge and that until He permits a thing, that thing will not happen. And He said He had not yet permitted Nigeria to go their different ways and that it was He that brought Nigeria together.”

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