Adamawa N40m Constituency Project divided in Shelleng-Ibrahim accuses lawmaker of connivance

… I rehabilitated 40yrs abandoned water gallery system that will stand the test of time.

….my last performance brought me back for the second term. Hon Isah

A Constituent, Alhaji Ibrahim Hussaini of Shelleng Constituency in Adamawa State grossly blamed the lawmaker representing his constituency, Hon Abubakar Isah to have poorly and underused the 2020 forty million constituency projects allocated to his area by the executive Governor of Adamawa state,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

According to him, Abubakar woefully failed in giving the expected representation the people wished to have had after he has begged for his second term return.

On the forty million constituencies, Hussaini said the plans of the lawmaker to connived with a negotiated contractor is not convincing enough to the eye that money was judiciously and put into proper use.

According to him he has not been a faithful steward and failed to give the detail record of the forty million naira given under his watch as a servant sent for delegation by his people.

“Despite his poor style of representation to the people of Shelleng in the area of bills and law sponsors, our lawmaker does not carry our people along in any of his activities. This year’s constituency project of which the Governor earmarked forty million Naira for constituency projects in all the constituencies across the twenty-one LGA, our Honourable Member didn’t consult anybody on how the money will be used.

” He would have called all relevant stakeholders to a round table discussion and hear the exact need of our people and a decision will be reached for where the project will be sited. I’m complaining because this is not his first time to do that, his last four years was a rather unfortunate year of his representation. He begged for forgiveness and we voted him again thinking he will change, all we keep hearing is his money that gave him a second term bit.” Ibrahim said


He continued to say that Isah has succeeded in rehabilitating an industrial water system and installed a transformer using it to brainwash our people that the forty million naira have gone all to that work that a ward councillor is capable of doing.

“For God’s sake how much is the type of transformer he bought, the abandoned water pump he rehabilitated only stopped in one community call Awa, it has not extended to other nearby villages and believe you me that work can never be justifiable that forty million naira was spent to that kind of state constituency project. Even my ward councillor can brag of something like that.

” In essence, what I’m saying our member is not a good steward, his representation is not good enough to pass a good Mark and God is not happy over what is doing to the people of Shelleng.” He added

When asked whether is aware of the fact that a lawmaker cannot execute any constituency project, award contract to any contractor, Ibrahim accused the Honourable member of cornering the work by handling and executing the project himself in connivance with Adamawa state water board staff through the ministry of water resources.

Hussaini said:

“Other colleagues of his called their stakeholders for a round table meeting to know exactly what it can be done with the money given by the Governor as a constituency project, but he cornered the whole money into himself without telling the people of Shelleng how it was used.

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“Let me be honest with you this Man poor representation is making him lose relevance in our communities. At one time he enjoined our people to hold our local chairman accountable for the money in the council belongs to them. We are now holding him accountable let him come and tell us what exactly he use our forty million naira for.”

The reaction of the Lawmaker, Hon Abubakar Isah has dispelled what Ibrahim said. He described his view as personal and is entitled to his own opinion,but really consideres him an irrelevant political noisemaker who does not know the work of a legislator.

In his way of situating the right facts straight,he distanced himself with any direct link of whoever is the contractor doing a work of forty years abandoned water gallery system in Shelleng because that’s is not his work,he saidnhis duty is tonmake sure that the work is done and done well to the benefit of his constituency.

According to him his decision to rework the water systems is to address the perennial water problem that has been a serious health challenge to his constituents,suffering from lack of portable drinking water.

He said before now, sickness related to water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid has been an issue of contention with recurrent diseases in the area.

He revealed that the constituency project is a gigantic project that forty million naira cannot rehabilitate but went beyond his ability to sink in over twenty million naira even before the state’s constituency money given by the executive Governor of the state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Fintiri.

From documented videos and photos of the site work before and after the completion of the water gallery, our reporter observed that a lot of money has been sunk into the project which has extended to other communities in Shelleng LGA.

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Isah also refuted the submission of Hussaini that the project is just a mere industrial borehole to only Awa community. He said thhe Water Gallery is serving many communities in Shelleng local government, with water pipelines drawn to villages running to many kilometres.

“I’m always focused on whatever I’m doing for the sake of humanity,especiallymy people who are too dear to me. People like Ibrahim should be seen as an impoverished political noise maker and be neglected because he does not worth to be my distraction or the trouble of my replies.

” All I know my people are with me and I’m with my people. They appreciate what I’m doing and what I have done so far in the history of my constituency nobody has ever done that, it is on record,you can go and find out.

“Go round my constituency, my last tenure embarked on rural electrification with many communities having power under my constituency project initiative. This time around I decided to look at the water problem in my area resulting in many people dying because of bad drinkable water.

” I spent over twenty million naira from my pocket on the water project even before the constituency money comes because I’m out to change the narratives of the water problem, so what the young man is battling with is the frustration of jumping from one party to another without zero relevance,and he lacks the good sense to deduce good from evil. I challenge everyone to go for an eye assessment tour over my kind of representation.” Isah said

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