I doubt it much if Gov Fintiri will pass the measuring standard of voting in 2023- Comrade Shehu


A Youth activist and a mobiliser in Adamawa state,Comrade Shehu Yohanna said the Executive Governor of Adamawa State,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri may not measure up to pass the 2023 voting standard in the state.

Shehu observed that since the inception of the present administration of People’s Democracy Party under the leadership of Ahmadu no any achievement in concrete terms is seen in real Sense.

He said the pendulum leadership style of Fintiri is only swinging complains by both the opposition and those people in the ruling party.

“honest by now, one can be able to pass judgement on this administration. If for two years nothing on ground to show forth in a real Sense since this government came in the pretense of Change,ATM and fresh air.

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“The complains are just too much, nothing good is circulating for the political class and the people of the state. All we keep seeing and hearing is “he will do this and that” without reality to show on ground.

“Well I trust him, is a schemer,he still have ample opportunity and time to amend his lapses,else I see a dark clouds gathering around to give him a bleak 2023.

“No work has been commission, nothing revolts around a common man to feel a sigh of fresh air he promised,the ATMs have run dry,not chanting again,I see and I’m in doubt if he can make up for 2023 elections if he do not find the path of good leadership impact to the people of Adamawa state.” Shehu Said.

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Shehu who is also a public affairs analysts and a politician on an online TV (VOA) said the government of the day in Adamawa is just moving in a one way direction .

Confirming the interview to TGNEWS Yohanna reiterated that the fresh air is now a breeze of complains and people are suffocating in a suffering life jacket and bitter complains.

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