Senator Binani: The Queen Amina of our time


By Daniel Tabiyatiya

It is very disheartening and unfortunate to see youths being used as a front wheel to create disunity by propagating lies for selfish reasons.

It is no longer news that some WhatsApp/Facebook controlled clowns under the aegis of Adamawa Central Youth Defenders Council are hell bent on humiliating the Senator representing Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone Engr. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani.

One thing for sure is that the said group is not even listed under the support group cadre of the All Progressive Congress (APC), it was only created by a loyalist and an aide to former Governor Muhammad Jibrilla Bindow so as to hold the party to ransom because of the pains of loosing elections last year.

Unlucky for them, Binani is not a weakling and cannot be hoodwinked into their trap as she is focused on delivering dividend of democracy to her constituents.

As for Mohammed Bappare, the leader of the kangaroo group, he can’t use the tricks he used on Governor Bindow for him to be appointed as it won’t work on Senator Binani.

The operation has hit a rock, as the Senator cannot stoop low to an irrelevant being whose only job is drag and blackmail underperforming politicians into doing his bidding.


Is it not outrageous to claim that the Senator is at loggerheads with the First lady Aisha Buhari and SGF Boss Mustapha when just last week the Senator led Adamawa state NASS APC caucus and some state party Exco for a meeting with the SGF to discuss Party issues in his office ? After the meeting both the SGF and the Senator addressed the press ? Where were u mr dreamer ?

Since they couldn’t get anything from Governor Fintiri, they now decided to create disunity just to serve their personal interest.

One funny thing again is linking her to Former Governor Bindow’s woeful outing at the 2019 polls. Are you guys suffering from dementia or acting a script?

Let me take you back to memory lane, after the 2019 general elections, the result of the Central Senatorial zone is as follows: PDP won 4 LGA, Yola North, Song, Gombi and Hong, while APC won 3 Yola South, Girei and Fufore.

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As for House of Reps, APC won 2 federal constituencies while PDP won 1.

For the Governorship poll, Bindow won only 3 out of the 7 LGA of the central zone, he won Yola South, Girei and Fufore while Governor Fintiri won 4, Song, Yola North, Hong and Gombi.

On the other hand, Senator Binani won all 7 LGA’s, a feat even President Buhari didn’t pull off. Will you then blame her for people’s decision to vote for who they like irrespective of political parties?

You guys had to shoot yourselves on the leg with the “her performance as a Senator is very much disappointing” disappointing to who? You guys right? Just because she doesn’t give free money?

Chill, let me intimate you; Senator Binani is the only Senator in the history of Adamawa State if not the country to propose 2 bills (Establishments of a conventional university and a teaching hospital) as a newbie in her first year and both bills was passed.

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You don’t even need a soothsayer to tell you that no Senator in Adamawa that has done half of what Senator Binani has achieved, from Empowerment, Education, Health, Security and Agriculture.

The truth is that Senator Binani has been the most active and celebrated politician since 2011, something that has been giving them nightmares.

It is also a non hidden fact that her popularity has continued to soar high, a development they don’t want to see.

Even as the only female Senator in all the 19 northern states in the country and the only APC Senator in the state, she is the leader of the APC in the state and also leads the 2 other Senators who are of different political parties.

Binani is not and will never be a weakling, she is a force to reckon with.

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