Journey to 2023 Presidency, Barrage Of Invitations,Offers Awards From Political Groups

I can not recall the number of meetings and invitations I had recently via phone calls, face to face (despite Covid 19 restrictions and its abnormal norms), sms, social media inboxes, to join and partner with various political camps and groups ahead of 2023 presidential elections.

Some of these group’s invitation were layered with inticing offers to honour us with awards for top positions in their political movements or organisations.

We have declined some of these groups’ invitations and their honorary awards or offers packaged therein, which we had nicely and thankfully acknowledged their political gestures.

We rejected these offers on principle.

Therefore, this message should serve as a more generic response to all those good people who had find us worthy of partnership. Thank you once again for finding us worthy of honorary consideration/awards. And we are sorry for not been able to accept those awards and offers, for now.

We therefore wish you well in your endeavours. While at the same time, inviting you all, to note the fact (or rather reality) that #Politics is largely a game of interest for common good. Thus, it is likely, that we could find ourselves again but sharing the same political ideologies and or platforms in the near future – if not now – as we hope to welcome you to join me and my team on an exciting and most rewarding mission, in shaa Allah, to #saveNigeria with the help of God Almighty and shepherd leadership which we believe is the best gift for our common good/shared interests in the great Nigeria project.

I strongly hold and share the believe that any citizen with the right pre-requisite qualifications or qualities, who made himself or herself available to lead Nigeria at this critical moment of rising insecurity, corruption, imminent collapse and absence of shepherd leadership, and with the good intentions and plans, to serve Nigerians rightly – deserved our respect and honour for their sacrifices.

Thus, I admire and respect all the candidates who are either nurturing or already aspiring to lead Nigeria comes 2023 and beyound.

But lets not also forget another important reality, which is the fact that even amongst the good people aspiring for political offices, there are we the best or better personalities in all groups, communities and categories of leadership contest available under the sun.
And where such blessing is missing, it is the civic duty of the people to search and discover shepherd leaders who can lead people mercifully to the path of justice, freedom, security and prosperity. For, there is always a brighter star, a great hero and a great leader, innovator, entrepreneur etc amongst us.

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Consequently, on these principles of leadership and its qualities, our preliminary analysis had informedly guided our lot and arrow to freely point at the great shepherd leader of our time, the very person who possessed the heart, mind, eyes and ears to see clearly, to listen attentively, to make graciously and bring out many of Malam el-Rufais and Jagaba Tinibus or their better versions of personalities – hiden in the great Nigerian rising population that is impregnated with capable youths whom were suppressed due to lack of modern shepherd leadership in Nigeria – a leadership that can show them the way to great character and gainful innovation and entrepreneurship and followeship. We hope to bring an end to the age long manace of tyrant soldiers in civilian regalia ruling Nigeria in a vicious circle of leadership dearth that result in insecurity and curruption we are witnessing today, after many years of their grip on power.

Let’s give Nigeria the chance to have the mordern shepherd leadership it needed.

Let’s allow people with natural abilities, capabilities, acquired qualification, enhanced character and with a living attitude for “change is constant” to lead us to the promise land.

Now the question is who does the leadership cap fit best amongst all the current candidates vying or aspiring to lead Nigeria comes 2023 and beyound?

For long, we”ve been chasing leadership shadows in military dictors, while ignoring or underating the sterling qualities in H.E. VP Atiku Abubakar’s role and shepherd leadership – as an astute politician, business man with the midas touch, a magnanimous bridge builder and fearless political mentor to so many Nigerians. These qualities were rooted in VP Atiku even before he started his political adventures, where he served his Boss-friend, brother and political mentor – the late Gen Musa Yar’adua, and later became the Governor-elect in Adamawa state and subsequently, his outstanding qualities made him to standout for another national leadership role – he was meritoriously hand picked by H.E. Chief Dr Obasanjo as his VP.

On that journey of political maturity filled with horse trading, envy etc which was frewuently featured or manifested along the way, but those intrigues did not make Atiku to lose focus, rather remain steadfast and loyal to his Boss (the President) even when he had the golden opportunity to displace and replace President Obasanjo in 2003, when the whole PDP political structure is under his control, particularly the Northern governors group who were solidly behind Atiku whom they trusted to lead them, but Atikus loyalty and character was not built on sand or on a spider web – he stick to his mandate to support his Boss H.E. Gen Obasanjo to complete his 2nd term in office which actualise via the PDP primary election that saw President Obasanjo wining a whooping “2,642 votes, more than 75 percent of total votes cast by delegates, leaving his closest rival Alex Ekwueme, a former vice president, trailing with 611 votes – just over 17 percent.” Thanks to Atiku’s loyalty model.

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However, the same Atiku saved Nigeria from a personal ambition of his Boss to unconstitutionally go for a 3rd term in office, while the Nigerian constitution only allowed executives to vie for a maximun of two 4-year term in office. This shows Atiku’s unshakable patrotism and loyalty to the Nigerian Nation and its people who elected them, hired them, contracted them, to serve them in all honesty and capacity. The rest is now history. But one important lesson in this, for us the youths, is the loyalty character that most of us are lacking today. We must learn to remain loyal to constituted authority, leaders and elders, so long as they remain loyal to God Almighty and the Nation state and its constitution (our collective agreement or operational manual to live together – amana).

It is our utmost conviction and believe that H.E. VP Atiku Abubakar, Wazirin Adamawa, can provide much more better leadership than all others who had so far shown interest or are likely to show interest for the Nigeria top leadership slot – the presidency comes 2023.


Though, I am not a fan, nor an advocate of rotational presidency or leadership (if we are to go on that route, like the agitators), which the people of the Northeast have been deprived of – since the end of the 1st Republic that saw late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, who had aspire and became the first Prime Minister of Nigeria, when late Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sardauan Sokkoto) was made the first and only Primier of Northern Nigeria; reason why I do not and cannot support rotational leadership is the obvious disadvantages of trading-off good quality – competency, capability and character – for mere and or less important political correctness built rightly or wrongly on trivualities of regional, tribal or religious affiliations, but in a Federation that should be united under a constitutional principle and value system.

As wise and well exposed intellectual that we are, we shouldn’t allow tribal and regional jingoism to suppress our value system, for the selfish desires of few. Nigeria should be greater than isolated and unconstutional interests and sentiments amplified via media hype and propaganda.
As a people, we must continue to uphold and promote non-regional and non tribal affiliated presidency and national leadership.
We must thus – kill the market where these retrogresive nepotism and its sense of entitlements thrives.

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It is this spirited nationalism and patriotism that prevent Wazirin Adamawa and his millions of supporters (who could also decide to be like the entitlement advocators), to also throw in a tribal, religious, regional and compensational rotational card, to somewhat easily grab the Nigeria presidency as others are trying so hard to achieve. Rather we rejected the seemingly easy and lazy way to success and had chosen the stair-case-path that leads up to excellent and sustainable democratic leadership values that are built on principles of hardwork, justice, equity and other sterling qualities – including but not limited to: candidates acceptability, popularity and their ultimate truthful appeal to majority of voting population.

So for Nigeria to be great once again in a sustainabke way, we have to set aside rotational national leadership agitations based on region or tribal or religious affiliations, but on qualities: merit and capability of aspiring leaders. And yes healthy and patriotic win/ win restructuring is the way foward as earlier proposed.

On this note, I am delighted to inform my friends, colleagues, followers and my able team and many more persons who are joining us daily, on our political journey to shepherd leadeship and its good governance appeal or outcome – we are all set – ahead of 2023 for Wazirin Adamawa deservational presidency.

And this of course does not made us relegate our activism and critism to ensure that the current administration does not wast our remaining 3 years of national journey which providence had placed in their hands – for governance should ideally be a continuum – isn’t it? We shall continue to offer the best we could the present government to ensure that Nigeria remains fairly stable to Waziri to take over in 2023, in shaa Allah.

By this message of declaration, all eligible citizens are welcome to join the fast moving train of like minds towards exercising our patriotic democratic and civic duty to save Nigeria from imminent collapse and failed leadership of the current #APC administration.

Above info is to whom it may concern.
Please be informed and be guided accordingly, as we soon unveil our alliance platform for effectively re-packaging, promoting, supporting and successfully delivering H.E. VP Atiku Abubakar Presidency comes 2023 – in shaa Allah (God’s willing).

May God Almighty guide and help us.

Salihu Garba
28th July 2020

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