Michika councillors impeach Leader, vote Bitrus as replacement


Michika Local Government councillors in Adamawa have impeached their Leader, Hon Manassah Nggi over oath of secrecy violations.

The new leader, Bitrus Paghu in an interview Said the ousted Council Leader among many offence have committed gross misconduct that’s undermining the work of the chairman and councillors.

He said his coming as a leader was out of endorsement and the Councillors now have agreed to go by election to get their Leader.

Bitrus revealed that by the council standing order rules Nggi is a First timer and by their order is not even suppose to be the speaker.

“I want to tell what we did is in the interest of democracy and our people that the removal of Nggi is help in uniting LGA for the purpose development.

” I’m assuring our people things will work out fine and make sure we hold the Executive Chairman and his cabinet into true scrutiny in line with democracy tenets.” He said