Aides without value are “Political leaches”-Dr Ardo describes Gov Fintiri of Adamawa recent Political Appointments


A strong member of People’s Democratic party (PDP) in Adamawa state,Dr Umar Ardo described the recent Political Appointments released by the State Governor,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to be a new “set of leaches released into an already decadent regime.”

Ardo while Sympathizing with the people of Adamawa State over the Appointments,he said the list covered virtually the same group of people who always depend on the state treasury for their survival that have now been brought back to come and continue what they know best – take from the state treasury without adding any value to the state.

“It is sad that at a time when government cannot pay civil servants national minimum wage with the excuse that there is no money; at a time when there is a global economic meltdown, when all governments across the globe are reducing sizes and profligacy; at a time when patriotic governments are sacrificing their salaries and allowances; at a time when the state government is depending on and indulging in debts and loans.

“This is the time Adamawa state government is making additional 65 political appointments in the state that have no value than to deplete the meager amounts in the state coffers. Rather than these useless appointments, the government would have served Adamawa people better if it had used the huge amounts to pay these ‘appointees without value’ to provide water to our people to at least drink, cook and wash their hands clean and keep save of the Coronavirus. This way it would have helped in the fight against the pandemic.

“This is what I call the season of the locust. To save Adamawa State from total bankruptcy, the government must immediately revoke these useless appointments as they have no value to the state. At a difficult time like this, the government should be reducing its size not over blotting it useless political appointees.” Ardo said

Recall that the PDP in Adamawa have been embroiled into an internal Crisis which led to a formation of reformed People’s Democratic party (RPDP) with Dr Ardo championing it’s struggles.

Director of Media and Communication to the Governor,Mr Solomon Kumangar in a response said Ardo’s Views is not genuine haven know him to be a lamenter of marginalization.

“The Government appreciates Dr. Ardo’s concerns but doubt if they are genuine because the same Ardo has been known to cry about marginalization which led to His failed attempt at factionalising the PDP. He therefore has no moral right to challenge the latest appointments.” Kumangar said

Solomon continue to say that Umar could term the appointments of these caliber of men and women as useless betrays his demented mind set. Gov Fintiri hit the mark with these appointments which were clearly in tandem with the desire to involve every Adamawa indigine that has something to offer in this journey including Ardo if he can swallow his pride.