1. We find it necessary to put the records straight on the immature, childish, unprofessional and shameless video production sanctioned by the office of the Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and aired on its official online tv named Fresh air tv which they titled “There was a Governor”.

2. The video production depicts the height of irresponsibility of a Government and the rudderless nature (as said by a PDP stakeholder) of the cruise in which the Adamawa people have found themselves.

3. For Almost one year in office, if a Government will dedicate 3 minutes and 25 seconds of a 4 minutes 45 seconds video on its predecessor then it tells you that the Government has nothing to say about itself.

4. They used only 1 minute 25 seconds to talk about their Government because of course they did nothing and there is nothing to say, this is the sinister nature and characteristics of failed leadership and lack of focus of a Government. We will answer you chronologically for proper comprehension.

5. To start with, If the Fintiri led administration is a serious one, it would’ve known that time is not on its side, it should concentrate on providing the dividends of democracy to the people of Adamawa state rather than wasting precious time on the political relationships of its predecessor. Is this what Fintiri is voted to do? Politics is dynamic, alignments and re-alignments is part of the game, How many people did Fintiri betray in his political journey, do we have to itemize them? We would not stoop as low.

6. The challenge faced by the Bindow administration in terms of salaries were only in the Local Government sector which was inherited and health workers. That too was settled in 2018, and all arrears paid by the Bindow administration, why would a right thinking administration bring that up at this time? The Bindow administration has never owed a dime in salaries to the civil servants, untill Zenith Bank colluded with the incoming administration after loosing election and refused to honour the mandate to release salaries. It is evil to mislead the good people of Adamawa state and twist the truth by saying Bindow refused to pay salaries when in Government. Where is the Fintiri administration going with fabricating lies and falsehood instead of concentrating on Governance?

7. Isn’t it a blatant display of falsehood when you say that Local Government areas were forced to shut down and their resources mismanaged? We are forced to ask Fintiri, Is that why you are under performing? The Bindow administration provided tractors and farm implements to all the 21 local Government areas to boost agriculture among other deliverables like road networks. It is the first time in the history of the state for local Government areas to own 5 tractors each. Tell us what you’re doing and not what you think Bindow did not do, you are voted to do and not empty talk.


8. It is gross irresponsibility to adduce the farmers herders clash to Bindow. This is a security challenge that engulfed many states in the country and unfortunately the Fintiri administration has found it appealing to state such ugly incidences now, politicizing insecurity and insulting the sensibilities of those who lost valuables and loved ones in those trying times. How could a sensible Government with all security details at its disposal bring up such an issue at this time? And most ignorable blame it on Bindow?

9. The issue of prayer warriors brought up by the Fintiri administration was fake news which was debunked years ago when it happened. Is the Fintiri administration telling us that it believes in fake news? What will it profit the Government at this time to propagate fake news against a Government it took over from? We will want to ask again Is this why Fintiri is underperforming? Bringing in musicians to perform during campaigns is APC style and it’s not out of place, Bindow has performed beyond expectation and using musicians to further propagate his practically visible infrastructural achievements is just one of the mediums of Advocacy.

10. You got it wrong on the Mubi Airport project, it is not an international airport, we already have one in Yola. The Mubi project is an international cargo airport, and it is a long term project for the state putting into consideration the volume of goods that flows in and out of Mubi attracting various kinds of businesses and the business class making Mubi the second largest city in the state and the revenue hub of Adamawa state. That project would have seen the light of day if Bindow had won a second term. Permit us to ask the Adamawa state Government, did you lay a single block when you promised 3 flyovers in the state capital? Did you lay a single block when you promised 2,000 housing units to Adamawa people? Oh what a disappointment.

11. On Education you got it wrong too. The Bindow administration declared a partial state of emergency on education which was designed to go full blown in his second term and a few schools were earmarked for renovation and provision of basic amenities.
– The Government Secondary School Hong had the hostels renovated, the administrative block was also renovated as well as some classes. Beddings were provided, classroom sits were provided as well as teachers desks, reagents for science laboratory practicals were provided, textbooks for teachers and students were provided. Go to GSS Hong and see before rolling out deceit and lies.
– Villanova Secondary School Numan had the girls hostel renovated blocks of classrooms were renovated, the administrative block was renovated, examination hall was renovated, students desks were provided as well as teachers desks and chairs were also provided in addition to reagents for science laboratory practicals.
– Government Day Secondary School Demsa was also renovated, students desks were provided as well as teachers tables and chair. Textbooks were also provided for teachers and students.
– Government Secondary School Mubi has classroom blocks renovated, desks and chairs provided, beddings provided, textbooks for students and teachers, reagents for science laboratories were also provided. The borehole that provides water in the School was also resuscitated.
– Government technical College Mubi was also among the schools renovated in the first phase with classroom blocks renovated, desks for students and teachers provided as well as textbooks.
This is in addition to the interventions in the primary school sector which the Bindow administration facilitated through the release of counterpart fund.
The SDGs also carried out construction of several blocks of classrooms during the Bindow administration in 7 local Government areas of the state. This was facilitated through the payment of counterpart fund. The benefiting local Government areas are; GUYUK, NUMAN, DEMSA, YOLA-NORTH, YOLA-SOUTH, TOUNGO, GANYE.
It is misleading to say the Bindow administration did not lay a single block in the education sector during its tenure.


12. On the allegation of not building a single clinic, let it be on record that a whole brand new hospital complex and Doctors quarters was initiated by the Bindow administration at Numan General Hospital and work has reached 90% completion before the election. One of the theatre at the specialist hospital was renovated and equipped by the Bindow administration a plaque for commissioning is still there for all to see. The Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) department which has collapsed roof was renovated and equipped by the Bindow administration. The Ganye General Hospital and Mubi General Hospital has some departments renovated and equipments provided in the first phase. Why would a whole a state Government embark on propagating falsehood through its official online tv channel is still baffling and begging for answers? Is this how the Fintiri led administration is ridiculing Governance in Adamawa state?
It is on record that during the Bindow administration, Adamawa State was awarded as the best state in Northern Nigeria with an efficient primary healthcare system with about 95% of our primary health care centers providing 24hrs service.
The records are there to verify. Would this have been achieved without deliberate effort from the Bindow administration to make things work?

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13. The unfortunate shilla boys menace was a security issue then and it is even worse now that Fintiri has taken over. So what is the rationale behind this mischievous blame game? We ask again Is it an excuse for underperformance? Looking for who to blame?

14. The childish Government merchants senselessly said in the video that the Bindow administration indebted the state to the tune of 125 billion Naira. It shows how uninformed this Government is or is it sheer mischief? Go and check the records of Adamawa state’s indebtedness from 1999 to date is it up to the brandished amount? The records are public, Haba! Permit my vanacular exclamation. The level of falsehood and sheer disregard to the sensibilities of Adamawa people is appalling. How could a Government stoop so low? Does this depict the level of the IQ of the people saddled with the responsibility of leading Adamawa State? No wonder someone said the Fintiri administration is rudderless.

15. We would like to advice the Adamawa State Government to please concentrate on Governance and stop disgracing itself by trying to smear the name of Bindow and his administration. The achievements of the Bindow administration is not hidden. Infact, the tarred road that leads to Fintir’s house was constructed by Bindow, including the road he drives on to the office and to the airport to catch his flights, have you ever asked how did those potholes in the city Centre disappear?

16. In conclusion, instead of working hard to secure the lives of Adamawa people during this pandemic, the Government is busy trying to discredit the previous administration. We expect a video or pictorial evidence of the achievements of this administration and not rhetorics and propaganda. Time is running out, do not let the high standards set by the Bindow administration distract you, Adamawa people are tired of waiting, please go to work, the only road construction you awarded is suffering neglect please try and complete it before you clock one year in office.

Coalition of Senator Bindow’s aides (Former Governor)

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