Adamawa rPDP is an illegal entity as far as I know-Chubado

Adamawa People’s Democracy Party Stalwart (PDP),Alhaji Chubado Murtala Modibbo has described the Reformed People’s Democracy Party (rPDP) as a renegade political group rising its ugly head for Distraction against the Constituted recognised Party formation in the state.

Chubado during an interview with our correspondent said the r-PDP is an illegal entity which lacks constitutional back up to operate and there struggle will never see the light of the day because they are a group of people known with failure in their political careers.

According to him PDP is a serious Party with well structured and organized leadership, duely registered,recognized by INEC there cannot be another party in the same Party.

He however said the Party is not experiencing friction as people thought, According to him what is happening is the creation of the the opposition to get the party Distracted.

“I don’t think that there is a serious friction as people thought,it is just the opposition party like APC is making them relevance, I will equally not be surprise if they did not create this kind of lies to get us Distracted,and this kind of issues can’t never get a party like PDP distracted.” Murtala said

He continue to say that there are some people who will natural be unhappy when the lost elections, they become uncomfortable with anything good if it is not from them. Saying that the rPDP are mostly those contested in the 2019 elections and could not make it but decided to be willing instruments in the hands of opposition against the party.

Chubado said: “The crisis you are talking about is the formation of what they call rPDP,as far I’m concern there is no a group existing like that,even if there is, they are not legitimately recognize, they are just a group of people who contested an election and lost. To them,if it is not them doing everything,no one will do it right. ”

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He is confident and assured that the Party is strong,remain an indivisible entity and is good in Managing their success to victory unlike APC who managed their success to failure in the state.

“Our own crisis will not make us loss election,we are good to go for victory.” He added

He however said he has high regard for the arrow Man,Dr Umar Ardo who is championing the course of the group as an intellectual per excellence but enjoined him as elder to go about uniting the party.

He said Ardo should consult wide with stakeholders by finding a lasting solutions or have a round table whenever there is anything wrong with the party to give a proper advice because their struggles will not pass the litmus test.

Murtala who contested the Senatorial seat for Adamawa central in the 2019 elections and lost was concern to draw the attention of the executive Governor of the state,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and Distinguished Senator Elisha Abbo to sheath their swords and unite for the interest of the party.

He said is a known fact that there is a friction between Sen Abbo and Governor Fintiri,the duo are honourable Men who holds public offices.

“I call on elders to mediate between them, I’m not apportioning blame to anyone of them but for the interest of the party they should sheath their swords and forget about their personal interest.” He said

Chubado response seems not to be comfortable with the leadership of A T Shehu’s of the PDP ruling Party.


He recalled during the 2019 general elections, Shehu, factional leader of the party quoted saying that Murtala lost the Senatorial seat because is not a popular candidate.

According to him Shehu assumed campaign manager of Aishatu Binani of the APC which is tantamount to questioning his loyalty and capability of Manning the affairs of the party in the interest of all party members.

He said that:”It’s disgusting also to know that Chairman during the last elections could not win his own unit and ward,We really want serious people to Mann the affairs of the party.”

He admitted that the party is perceived to have traitors betraying and selling the integrity of the larger party members, a problem he consider coming from people as fifth columnists who are some party major stakeholders.

He revealed that the clear reasons why he lost the Senatorial seat with Binani given him huge gap of over 90,000 votes difference is all because of Buhari’s popularity that rode her to victory.

According to him people should understand that there are many ways one will win or lose elections and it is on record Buhari has never lost elections in Yola North, Yola South and Fofure of Adamawa central.

He said is not the popularity of Binani the candidate of APC that make her to win it was Buhari’s Glory that gave her the victory.

The arrow Head and the leader championing the course of rPDP faction,Dr Umar Ardo responded accordingly to Nigerian Tribune via a WhatsApp chat said What makes a system illegal is towing the path of unconstitutionality.

He said they are accusing the A T Shehu’s led faction of deviating from the path of extant enabling laws and do something else.

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Umar blatantly accused the Shehu’s composition working against the general Guidelines of the party,conducts its affairs against the provision of the party constitution,its actions compromise due process of law and asserted that is the AT Shehu’s faction that is actually illegal and not the rPDP.

“Just because the faction is recognized by the national secretariat does not confer legitimacy to its side since the national secretariat itself is perforcefully subject to the party constitution, guidelines and rule of law. It’s recognition or not recognition cannot confer legitimacy or illegitimacy to a faction. Only obedience of the law and constitution confers legitimacy to a democratic system.

“I actually sympathize with Chubado Murtala because his knowledge and understanding of issues of this nature are always circumscribed by the pursuit of his self-interests. He never sees good in anything beyond what benefits him. Nothing makes sense to him if it doesn’t serve his self-interest. He is therefore in no position to talk.” Ardo said

On their response,State organising Secretary of APC,Ahmed Lawan responded on behalf of the party Said the entire Party internal squabbles of PDP is never their headache and they are not known with crisis.

He cautioned Chubado to be wary of his statements and know that APC gave PDP the present victory they are enjoying and they will collect their mandate back in due time.

“Ardo,Sen Abbo are not in APC and these are PDP senior men that are staging war with the Mother Party and he does not want to accept the reality on ground. We are all watching how the drama will unfolds”. Lawan Said

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