In his nature,the immediate passed Governor of Adamawa state,Sen Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in a show of humility and respect received the state committee constituted to reconcile all members of All Progressives Congress (APC) who on one way or the order were aggrieved because of the 2019 gubernatorial election led to their defeat by the PDP in the state.

The committee which is to unite its sons and Daughters to forge ahead in unity of purpose to achieve a common goal was at the Abuja residence of the immediate Governor Bindow,this is think,chat away forward to Make the party a formidable one in the state.

This proverbs are the best description of what led to the present situation of APC in Adamawa state and their unity of purpose is what will help them reclaim their future possible mandate.

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On receiving them,Jibrilla prostrating one after the other to welcome them reminds many the value he attached to people is still in him,and his down to earth attitude is in tact as a Man of peace.

Party stalwarts of the likes of Engr Aliyu Kama,Dahiru Bobboi,Alhaji Munsur Toungo and many were elated and optimistic that APC is coming back strong.

Their close door meeting was revealed to be a moment they critical brainstormed,examined on issues relating to their defeat and resorted to upholding the values of forgiveness.

This committee was also in the House of Former Governor Murtala Hammanyero Nyako where they emphasised the need to entrench back the spirit of love and Party’s manifestoes.

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In his smiling faces while in Senator Bindow’s house,the committee look energetic and of the high spirit that their visits are yielding much results.

“Adamawa is bigger than me,is bigger than anyone,let’s unite to build a state that others can be envious of.”

A reflective quotation of Senator Bindow while in office said building up to 2019 general election.

This suggest his typical nature of the love he has for the state and the people.

A postmortem analysis and a study carried out by many students of politics,including Journalists who researched the APC befalling scenario that the party in Adamawa lost the election because of the protracted unresolved in-house fight of its members in the state.

It is truly of an African adage which states that:
“The fight of two brothers made a strangers to own a house of their inheritance and a house divided against itself shall never stand.” was what actually befalls the APC party in Adamawa state.

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“It is only when a wall is cracked that the Lizards and the geckos will gains entrance into a house.”

Sir,it’s just about six months when fate decided you are not going to be part of the Nigeria Governor’s forum,but yet it looks on you the joy of a good leader and hold the Qur’anic injunction that God gives power to who He wills at the time He deem it fit to give.

You are greatly missed!

Sir i see you a leader again in the near future



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