Maulud: As Muslims faithfuls marks the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Yola


Muslims have continue to trooping to the residence of a renown Islamic scholar Modibbo Zailani to observe this year’s Maulud celebration to commemorate the birthday of Islamic seal of prophets Muhammad peace be upon to him.

The annually event organised across the globe in every month of Rabiul Awal oftenly feauture Qur’anic recitation, Remembrance of Allah as well the presentations of biography and livelihood of the Holy prophet Muhammad peace be unto him.
Followers of Tijjaniya from withing and outside the Adamawa state capital as well as neighbouring Cameroon begin to overflowed the residence of the Islamic cleric Modibbo Zailani Venue of the maulud.

Since the inception of the month of Rabiul Awal, Islamic Scholars continue preaching and reminding Muslims the Qualities of Prophet Muhammad which includes simplicity generosity as well perseverance among others for Muslims to copy.

A Yola based Islamic Scholar Mallam Musa Kaduna said the event is being organised to appreciate Allah for the gift of Prophet Muhammad whom will interced Muslims in the Day of resurrection.

Mallam Musa Kaduna Urged Muslims to use the period to pray for peace, development and unity of Adamawa and Nigeria as whole.

Another scholar, Modibbo Abubakar Jada said Prophet Muhammad live an exemplary life with fellow non -Muslims peacefully and demonstrated love and tolerance as well as justice to them hence the need for Muslims to emulate him for better society.

On his part, Ustaz Salihu Adamu Mayo Belwa described Prophet Muhammad as simple, trustworthy and honest stressing the need for Muslims to copy his attitude in order for them to succeed in life.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be unto him was born on Monday the rabiul Awal five seventy one C. E in to the home of One noble family of the Quraish in Makka.