Hon Wafari Theman: HBD to a great Man of our time

This would have been said early than now,but is most convenient to say it now than never,that you are one of the few men whose life is outrightly service to humanity,making you are great Man of our time.

You are young with dynamic nature of having people as your field to give your self,wealth and all you are privileged to have in serving God through men.

I’m not surprise with your humane nature and the timorousness in you,it is because you were baked through a good family to love God and the people who God wills your paths to crossed.

Sir at this your special day,i want to join the league of families,friends,business and political associates to tell you congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

My Prayers for you is more of God and less of yourself,His presence will be your radiant glory through out your life as you ponders on the second return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again HBD. With much love from me.

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