Birth Day:I celebrates a worthy Brother who turns a year Older today


If i should be given the power to turn the hand of destiny, i would probably say give this my Brother the whole wide world to conquer,because in you I see superlative grace to carry on beyond the shadow doubts of impossibilities. If can be given the wealth of the Nations to share,I can give and commit all to you in total sum because you are a Worthy of a dependable ambassador unto good works

You are ally whose virtues good works are glaring to the sight of people that you born unique,came to this world different,a Brother who is so reliable and dependable, an ever trusted fellow when see with weapons of war are meant for defense not destruction.

Hon Giziya Baba Nyako,I celebrate you for adding up a year unto many and to many you will still add for the glory of His name.

My prayers,our prayers is for God to turn your years to be wisdom and golds of wealth creation to serve Him and humanity.

May you live to fulfil destiny, to achieve a purpose of why you have been created to be a man of godly attitudes.

The entire management of Tgnews joint me in celebrating you and giving you an ovation voice of: