Pastor Mrs Grace Godobe:HBD to a worthy woman of virtues


In a millions words of Man,your virtues are beyond the lips of Men to profess. I’m so so privilege to meet with you for only few hours, but I’m convinced beyond my shadows doubts you have the worth of a mother in Israel.

Mrs Grace Godobe I could see why Your husband, Pst Godobe is touching nations and the world for the total gospel of Jesus. Is success is connected with the special abilities found in successful people.

Pastor Ma,I’m in agreement with the general adage known around that: “behind any successful man, is a successful woman.” You are indeed making Papa a great man

Today is a special day that circled around after 365 days to reminds you of God’s unending faithfulness which you are a benefit of the Grace of Him that call you Daughter of Zion.

The management of is celebrating you and saying CONGRATULATIONS with much goodies from the throne of Grace.