Fintiri as your reign began,be mindful of your cabinet formination: Daware a spotted eagle


I congratulate the newest Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri who took the oath office amidst cheering crowds,hilarity in shouting out the “ATM” of the state is now the Governor.

I respect your ego of patience and hard work, calmness and focused to pursuit a dream of this consolidated task to work your way to victory,I convinced myself that you are out to serve humanity, a call you obliged to live the odd life for the sake of God and the people of Adamawa.

Sir, you are force of leadership, the whirlwind of leadership destruction is never seen in you, but you are wind of change, you blows North South of the state, and east west of Adamawa to add up to where others have stop.

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I want to remind you once again of much of the advises you received,your gained experience already have placed you in advantageous site to lead at lease and to Govern with all sense of precision.

You are the Governor,your cabinet is the seen government, yes you can agree with me that the government is no doubt greater than the Governor,most bigger than the Governor because it holds the Government mechanism while you declare,endorses the government policies.

Rt Honourable, Love you to carefully draw up a good working team, a team to make you a better Governor, once you have a good cabinet, a bet you a successful government.

In Adamawa and beyond, a Man is noticed, his radiant glory of intellectual ability of team player is known of him. Umar Daware a respected gentleman much trusted to push you up to have a glorious government.

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The perfect gentleman with wealth of experience financial matters having been a Bank Manager for decades before he venture into politics.

Umar Daware is a politician with executive experience, a die hard PDP Man who burned the candlelight to see become the Governor of the state, he is more than a partner for progress, the burning passion in him is to see a progressive Adamawa state in all facets of life.

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