By Martins Yanatham Dickson

There are some experiences that are privileged, others are rare and once-in-a-lifetime sort of experiences, but when you have both bestowed on you then you should count yourself blessed.

Such was the situation with my appointment as Special Assistant on Press & Media Affairs to the Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow.

Am already writing a book so I will not bore you with how I came to be appointed but it was divine, though I’ve had the privilege of making contacts with this very humble Senator of the federal republic before he became Governor, this was as a result of my work as a journalist.

When we finalized discussions about me taking up this responsibility alongside the Secretary to the state Government Dr. Umar Bindir, late Chief of staff Abdulrahman Abba Jimeta (May his soul Rest In Peace), the PPA to the Governor Abdullahi Bakari and myself, some of them excused us and Senator Bindow looked at me and made a very serious request.

“Martins, all I require from you is loyalty”. I looked back at the number one citizen of the state and replied, “Sir! I will be loyal one hundred percent”. And I meant it.

These statement has been my guide and anchor, and when funny things began to happen with betrayals here and there, before during and after the elections I stayed the course to take responsibility alongside the Governor for all the successes and even areas where we didn’t do well as an administration.

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Looking back at the promise I made to Bindow then in 2015, I can proudly look back today and say I’ve kept my own side of the bargain and I am proud to end my assignment as Special Assistant on Press & Media Affairs to the Governor with a clean slate.

This opportunity has thought me alot of lessons that no classroom will teach and money can’t buy.

I am not a perfect person but I dedicated my time to ensuring that the right thing is done as long as it lies within the purview of my office.

Though it wasn’t without humongous challenges and sometimes mistakes even grave mistakes, the Lord saw me through and I kept my promise to do my work positively and help in ensuring success in anything that comes to me.

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May I therefore take a moment to plead that whoever I have offended and wronged during the cause of my duty knowingly and unknowingly please do find it in your heart to forgive me. I am sincerely sorry.

My special thanks goes to my family, my friends and colleagues in the pen profession (It has now changed to keyboard), I got advices, chiding, rebukes, corrections, and commendations from them all and these has helped me a great deal.

Colleagues at the Governor’s office were a mix a whole mix, depicting the diversity of our dear state Adamawa, coming from different backgrounds it took a while for us to blend and it wasn’t easy.

Special thanks to everyone I’ve been opportune to work with, the Chief Press Secretary, the commissioners, members of the executive council, Advisers, Principal Special Assistants, Special assistants and the Government House Press Corps.

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During the course of my assignments I earned a very good friend, Nana Gwadabe and a passionate elder sister Moji Makonjuola. You two are an epistle.

Not forgetting those who later became my adopted brothers, Benjamin Gindau (P.A to the Deputy Governor), Mohammed Bappare, Nurudeen Kama, Bala Usman and Ezekiel.

Many thanks to everyone, it’s wonderful having to work with you all. (I will give details in my book)

I will soon reel out very interesting and mind bogging events in the four years of my service to my state, but this piece is an appreciation.

Thank you the secretary to the state Government Dr. Umar Bindir.

Thank you Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow for giving me the opportunity to be part of a Government that constructed 392 asphalted roads across the state, winning a world Bank Award for most efficient Primary Health Care System among other projects (Details soon).

Thank you! Thank you!! And Thank you indeed.
I sincerely appreciate.

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