By Tom Garba

The Supreme Court ruling of Friday, 24 May declaring the 534,541 votes scored by the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the February governorship election as a waste should henceforth serve as an antidote to political rascality for politicians who take delight in impunity while it is a huge victory for lovers of genuine democracy in the north and in the country at large.

It is sad to recall that Zamfara State chapter of the APC is the second to suffer a similar fate of losing the right to contest in the 2019 general elections after Rivers State where the so-called political godfathers chose to take the path of impunity by refusing to allow a level playing ground for contests thereby denying the real owners of the political party the right to choose who should be their party leaders and consequently, flag bearers.

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It is unfortunate to note that the Zamfara State chapter of the APC was unable to conduct primaries when thugs were unleashed to outwit political rivals and violent machination.

The verdict of the apex court of the land on the tussle for power in both Zamfara and Rivers States should be a great lesson for politicians that only strict adherence to the rule of law and due process shall take our nation’s political journey to the Promised Land. Friday’s judgment is a wake-up call that political parties must maintain internal democracy and NOT to do things whimsically and arbitrarily outside their party’s constitution, guidelines, the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution.

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Friday’s verdict is indeed victory for the rule of law, democracy, the triumph of truth over falsehood, as the judiciary was able to come forth as the last hope of the politically oppressed. The judgment is a lesson for politicians that only strict adherence to the rule of law and due process shall take our nation’s political journey to the Promised Land. It also teaches that no matter how long, truth would always prevail over falsehood and therefore politicians should eschew thuggery and violence.

Arewa Online Publishers Forum hereby congratulates Dr. Bello Mohammed, Matawallen Maradun on his emergence as the brand new governor of Zamfara State. I urge him to use this opportunity to faithfully serve the people of Zamfara with dedication and the fear of God Almighty knowing that indeed, God has made him governor to the citizens of his state irrespective of party, ethnic and religious affiliation.

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