Birth Day: Nana Khadijah Dodo is 10 today


Nana Khadijah Daughter of the Periscope publisher,Dr Mohammad Adamu Dodo turned 10.

Nana who is the pride of her Father growing in the feats of technology were social media is thriving in an unprecedented way.

Inquisitive Nana who is the Joy of her Father said the age she attends makes him reflective of the fact that all living soul are mortals and must taste dead.

According to him Nana Khadijah was born on Saturday May 26; exactly ten years ago. She would want to have her ten years old anniversary celebration only on Saturday May, 26 being the day she was born.

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He prayed a passionate prayers of love and protection to Nana his beloved Daughter that God in His infinite Mercy help her

‘May the Almighty bless the children, guide and protect them as much as we pray for the guidance and protection of our parents and their children: One of the categories for which you and I have fallen into in piece.” Dodo prayed

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