In the horizons are stars with divergence radiants of their glory lights,one star outshines onother in lightenning their enviroment. There are stars and there is a STAR. Mr Emmanuel Kalmax,MD/CEO of Emnamu Global Nig.Ltd another star shining in and outside of Adamawa state. Emma is a Young star with a superlative of radiance unto good works.

His philanthropical work as a young Man at his late 20s described him a great man with the wisdom of the ancient days, his focus to business turned him a business mogul with international conglomerates, his leadership roles labelled him a Young Man with the attitude of a lion, a go getter who deres the impossible.

Let me borrow the words of Musa Terreng who penned that:

“I always finds it amazingly awesome to eulogies, celebrate, or pass a vote of confidence on who ever that is selfless and worthy of helping others by adding quality to their lives. Most especially, younger generations with the heart of Gold.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, am back on the keyboard, this young, determine, gentleman (remember he is just 29years woo) has done it again, I mean his usual unprecedented magnanimity.

“It was on this same platform few weeks ago, I appreciated, and celebrated him for renovating two JIBWIS Mosques at Kala’a town of Hong LGA.

“Just yesterday, this young philanthropist, have started renovating the old EYN church Kala’a too, and roofing of Kalaa primary school, and promised state of the earth facilities upon completion these projects.

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“To my personal research, been a close cousin to the celebrated humanitarian, he did shared exactly 1000 pieces of rappers to the widows, women of the less privileged, peasant farmers, and the downtrodden within Hong LGA atlarge across all faiths.

“Mr. Emmanuel Nachamada Musa, went further to secure over 30 slots in the recently recruited Post Primary Education Board job offers to young graduates of Kala’a, Pella, Hong, Makera, Hildi, Dagzar, etc whom lack the opportunity to get.

“Amongst other tremendous services recently done by the detribalistic young guy to his people includes; hiring of over 50 youth in his business investments, lobbying job and opportunities to numerous people, he also distributed over 50 Federal Government Youth Empowerment Scheme (YESSOO) Forms.

“Also he has distributed Ramadan items worth over 4 million naira, the sponsorship of over 18 Muslim friends of his father and family to Saudi Arabia for lesser hajj, apart from sponsoring of 10- 10 persons annually both Muslims and Christians to the holy land of Mecca, and Jerusalem respectively for Pilgrims and spiritual rites. Am sure, he has done many more which I don’t know…


“Today, Emmanuel, is well Respected, and Celebrated in not just Hong, but Adamawa, because of the good heart, and services freely done (and he’s doing) to the people.

“I can remember, during my several interactions with him, ( a friend and a brother), I asked him: I said zaa Emma…, what is the sole reason to such limitless magnanimity done to the people at your tender age nawww, he replied, “Musa kawai inna tosayawa talaka ne wallahi”…and he went further to say, “kasan nima talaka ne, nasam rayuwa”

“I went further to ask him again, if he has any future political ambition, “he replied, wallahi nifa bana son inyi siyasa a rayuwana, bukatana shine, inhada kan al’umma saboda suringa zaben shuwagabanin kwarai, masu son alumma”.

“With such wordings from the young rising star, I felt reassuring, and fulfilled of a better future in the society with his likes…May God bless him!

“To rap it all, I have to confess, that we really have few of his likes nowadays, in a survival of the fittest society. Hence, I encourage us all to emulate such generosity, and show love to each other. Remember givers, never lacks. We are stronger and united together.

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“Today, and beyond, I pray to the host of heaven and earth (God) to continue to uplift him, and grant him all his heart desires. For if he gets, the society also feels the impact. May your days be Loooooong bro.”

Musa thank you for upholding the truth above the lies of many that there cannot be Young good Nigerians who are honest and sincere, excelling in their areas of calling as business Men and women.

Emma has given Nigeria a good name,a global image that young man is living and make his business feathers growing in a clean and honest way. He has given another hope for the Young generation in Adamawa state that leadership abilities are also in young minds, Emma has been spotted as one with the virtues of good leadership ability.

Emmanuel keep radiating light of good works in the inside of you. You are indeed a role model.

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