Hooliganism: Notorious Shila Boys Escapes Dead ,irrate youths burned down their tricycle


Once arrested Shila Boy

Notorious youth thugs, popularly known as ‘Yan Shila’ (Shila boys) had on Sunday evening escaped death as they attacked and snatched a lady’s bag at the A A Lawal junction in Jimeta-Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

The Shila Boys who were trying to escape with their tricycle tumbled as they got obstructed by a moving vehicle. The Boys alighted the tricycle and ran into one of the streets as angry youths burnt down the tricycle and tried chasing after squad.

The thugs, mostly teenagers are specialized in the snatching of handsets, pick-pocketing, raping of underage girls and other social vices operate in different parts of the towns of Jimeta and Yola, terrifying people with local weapons such as knives, machetes and cutlasses. They are now holding the inhabitants of the state capital cities at ransom.

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