No senator has done what Binta is doing in the history of Adamawa Northern zone-Concern citizen


A concern Youth from Mubi LGA,Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone, Alhaji Bala Othman said Senator Binta Garba’s senatorial stewardship are indelible and unbreakable since the inception of the area.

Bala scored card the achievements of senator Garba to be all-encompassing from Human development to physical projects across the five LGAs constituting the zone.

Othman was wane to reply the Senator-elect,Elisha Cliff Abbo who was heard on Radio Gotel blaming Senator Garba of not delivering the people’s mandate as a senator representing the area.

According to him Binta is one of the finest senator the area can be proud of in recent times and the Senator elect should be mindful of respecting democratic norms.

He said Abbo may wish to recall the sterling records of Senator Binta which predicated in her many decades of political experience from Kaduna State and later came back to Adamawa,her state of origin.


Abbo who during the interview said Binta is a “Political contractor” doing business with the mandate of the people of Adamawa North is a statement Othman regarded childish and unbecoming of a senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

“With due respect to the Senator elect, Mr Elisha who is awaiting swearing-in to be representing our area,but I must categorically said that his recent interview in Gotel demeaning his status as a senator-elect.

” I mostly watch and listen to his radio and television programs as an invited guest,it is unfortunate say that the Young Man is going contrary to the Democratic norms of our country,I think he needs to be guided to help him have a successful tenure.” Othman said

Bala revealed that it is on record that the outgoing Senator is having piled of bills and laws to her name of recent the most notable law she cosponsored is the north-east development bill.


“For someone to say that Binta did not do much in terms of human and physical development of our area the person is a joker of the year, talk more a senator-elect who should be more objective or discuss bedevilled issues that has to do with the area and how he intends to solve those problem when he assume his duties as a senator.

” To my knowledge I lost counts of the young men and women Binta secured federal appointments, I lost counts of the hundreds of empowerment program she did and the many of the physical projects she did across the five LGAs, above all she is one of the most articulate senator and out spoken of the present ninth Assembly with bills and laws in her name.

“So tell me what else do you expect from a lawmaker order than this? I think the Senator elect she grow up his thinking of humbling himself to learn from her not bragging around with vain talks.” Othman added

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He continue to say that Mr Cliff goofed by not knowing that,the business of lawmaking started at the green Chambers by Binta who represented Kaduna South people and later came back to Adamawa state and served Michika/Madagali community.

“I advice Mr Elisha to be more mature and objective in his discussion with media men to sell his point, as far as I’m concern, the young Man is fanning unnecessary political embers of hatreds to himself.

” Let him be little patient to hold his peace to May 29th then he have his field day to attack whoever he wants to attack,which I see all those things are less important compare to the enormous task ahead of him. ” He added

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