The Adamawa State PDP Led Transition C’tee Acted Outside The Purview Of Her Assignment – Duhu


A staunchest loyalist of the All Progressives congress,APC,whose support for the party has earned him the opportunity to become the first North East vice Chairman as a founding member,Dr Umar Duhu condemn the way PDP in coming government of Adamawa state through its transitional committee are acting the outside the purview of her assignments.

In an interview with the editor of,Tom Garba he lamented how the transitional committee set by the Governor elect,Rt Hon Umaru Fintiri has being working outside the purview of why it was formed.

Q:- The Transition Committee set up by Adamawa governor-elect, Alhaji Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has raised an alarm over what it described as illegal and unauthorised auctioning of government’s properties. What is your take on the state?

Though it has not been in our character to reply or join issues with any opposing party let alone it’s so-called PDP transition committee over divisive tendencies of misrepresenting facts through her press statement issued by the secretary of the transition committee who ordinarily should have been a guide to only the committee and it’s sanctity. It has therefore become expedient to put the records straight for the benefit of innocent law-abiding citizens of Adamawa State and the general public.

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It is a well-known fact that, the major responsibilities of a transition committee is to take stock of the assets and liabilities the State and to identify the levels of ongoing projects and it’s completion under successive governments. Anything other things contrary to these cardinal objectives is vindictive and is in clear contrast with the objectives for which the committee is set up in the first instance. The committee in Adamawa State has rather assumed the responsibility of an investigative and a vendetta outfit rather than engaging itself on its core objectives for which it was setup.

Q:- How do you mean?

I thought with the work experiences of both the chairman and secretary of the transition committee, their actions fail short of the personification of their career in public services. As elders in their rights, their preoccupations should have been that of uniting the state rather than further polarizing the state across sentiments and chauvinism. It is therefore not in doubt that, of all the governors that governed Adamawa State, none, has achieved the feats of His Excellency Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla (Bindow) in terms of infrastructural development of the state and I stand to be corrected. It is therefore my appeal and call to all well-meaning citizens of Adamawa State to raise to the occasion and condemn the actions of the committee and the purported publications by the so-called Fintiri led PDP transition committee with their divisive dispositions.

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Let me also remind the Fintiri led transition committee to understand that, His Excellency Governor Sen. Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow remains the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, until May 29, 2019 when he is not re-sworn in as the Executive Governor of Adamawa State. The responsibilities of running the State is constitutionally vested in him, until such a date and time another governor is sworn in. Therefore, Governor Bindow will continue to discharge all his constitutional responsibilities unhindered, until his last day in office.

Q:- What of the allegations on the sell of AADIL properties to his cronies and employment racketeering?

Anyone that alleges must substantiate. Anything that has to do with government assets requires the sanction of the State Auditor General and on employment, Adamawa State has a statutory Civil Service Commission. No appointment in the State which does not pass through the State CSC. In this regard therefore, no one has the right what so ever and if not a sadist has any moral justification to amuse the Governor Bindow of any compliancy. I also challenge the committee and anyone for that matter, to come up with a cogent and verifiable facts to substantiate their allegation, else, they should henceforth seal their lips else, the APC will not hesitate to take decisive actions against these mischief makers. The committee secretary being a legal practitioner and it is my thought and expectations that, he knows his onions and in the event of any inactions of Governor Sen. Bindow, he Barr. John Yaya knows what to do.

Q:- What is your call for the people of Adamawa State and Nigerians at large?

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I wish to warn that, Governor Sen. Bindow is still the Governor of Adamawa State and he is in full control of the State and he shall continue to discharge all his constitutional duties and responsibilities, until the last day in Office. No one should also take Governor Sen. Bindow for granted and no one should misconstrue his silence for cowardice.

I therefore call on all well-meaning citizens of Adamawa State to remain law-abiding and use this Ramadan period for suber reflection and to pray for Adamawa State and Nigeria for our peaceful coexistence in love and brotherhood.

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