Honestly I’m dazed and perplexed each time Nasir El Rufai talks. It’s as if he hardly thinks before he makes his comments, notwithstanding his brilliance as man who has excelled academically and as a technocrat.

Whenever he speaks, he throws caution and decorum to the winds and makes the most damaging, uncouth and unstatesmanlike comments. He can be parochial,disdainful, contemptuous to the people that are highly respected and revered. He has no respect for elders, fellow country and even up coming youth who look up to people like him for mentorship, leadership and direction. He is a loose cannon that is doing collateral damage in our quest for responsible, respectable, humane and compassionate, caring and patriotic leadership.

If you take your time to study his utterances for years, you hardly come across any of the aforementioned good attributes.A dip in some of his famous comments that have gone viral will further confirm to all that the man is actually a loose cannon.

When he was having a cosy relationship with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, he didn’t spare the then Gen Muhammadu Buhari. When he Buhari was complaining bitterly of being rigged out, El Rufai described the General as a serial looser of elections and totally unelectable as president of this country. He went further to make very scathing remarks on Muhammadu Buhari as a man who never passed his military examinations.

When the homey moon with Obasanjo was over, he wrote something so contemptuous on in him in his book titled “Accidental public servant.” That while waiting for Obasanjo for private meeting, the man emerged with a long dress without wearing a pant. How can a sane man put this kind of encounter in a document. And as if that was not enough, he took other two leaders to the cleaners in the same book. He talked about the reliance of Atiku Abubakar on marabouts. He was categorical that Atiku intimated him that he was going to be president because Obj Would die before he could finish his first tenure and that it was from his marabout whose prophesies always become realities and went to state some of his prophesies that did occur. Now the most heartless was on Late Umar Yar’Adua who were dagger drawn politically. El Rufai had angled himself to take over from Onj , but OBJ went for Yar’ Adua. That was the beginning of the enmity of duo. Yar’ Adua made life miserable for El Rufai to the extent that he had to relocate abroad and didn’t come back until he died. Even in death, El Rufai must take his pound of fresh. In his same book, he couldn’t spare a dead person. That the Yar’Adua was dirty and unkept and smoked Indian hemp in his school days. In that book, he literally took everybody to the cleaners except Oby Ekwelesi.
He took any opportunity to make very in humanistic, damaging comments on dead Yar’ Adua that cannot respond. While on a campaign rally, he was full of praise about his invisibility.


That people should be wary of fighting him. That he decisively dealt with Good luck Jonathan who was woefully defeated in the 2015 presidential election. And that even Yar’ Adua that fought him ended up a dead man. A mere mortal who doesn’t know how he will end up, boasting like that? It’s rather very sad for a good Muslim making that type of in human and bizarre comments. He speaks as if he holds tomorrow. He open his mouth further when responding to foreign governments concerned on the unpleasant happenings in our polity. He had this to say “ we are waiting for the persons that will come and intervene. They will go back in body bags, because nobody will come to Nigeria and tell us how to run our country.”

Now the main dish on all these El Rufai brouhaha is the one trending on Ahmad Bola Tinubu. Please don’t misconstrue my comments on Tinubu as being sympathetic to his predicament . On the contrary, I enjoy it because I distaste his brand of politics. Here is a man who contributed immensely to the formation of APC and contributed financially, electorally in the winning of PMB in 2015. Take it or leave it if Tinubu had taken his supporters to Jonathan as he did in 2011, there was no way PMB could have won in 2015. He did also try in 2019. But sadly this is the scathing remarks made on Tinubu by El Rufai “ I will never be the running mate of a drug baron and must corrupt Nigerian. Making these criminal allegations against your benefactor behaves me. And as if that was not enough, he said that Lagos people must be liberated from the clutches of one man. That only two million voters voted in Lagos. That he would lead the crusade to mobilize additional two million people out of 4m of Lagosians that have not been voting to retire one man that he has been lording it over the good people of Lagos. That he has just permanently retired some people from Kaduna politics.
That people have not been dipping in some of his Charecter flaws is not that he doesn’t have but people have chosen to make guarded statements. If for instance some people chose to unearth some of his amorous relationship, i don’t think he will find it funny.

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Haba this man is playing God. He must be a poor student of history of power. Severally powerful people had power snatched from them when they least expected it. He should read the rise and fall of empires. The most powerful leader in ancient history who even challenged God, pharaoh how did he end up? Let him get a glimpse of his look alike Hitler in terms of size, propaganda, dictatorship and in humanistic behaviour. He deleted himself to save himself from being disgraced and humiliated. My brother power is transient( mulki bayi da alkawali. Da yana da shi da wasu sun dawama). Therefore be humble, humane, considerate, fair and compassionate so that God will be merciful to you to avoid ending up in perdition or disgrace.

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