Out of school Children:Almajiri Boy Was Hit to dead by a tricyclist in Adamawa


Last week I posted about one Almajiri that came to my shop for medication that I found how he was roughly beaten, which I lamented.But Today’s own was even worst that the innocent Almajiri was hit to dead. Im wane by this kind of wicket behaviours of some parents in the North.

On the worrying out of school children in some parts of the Northern states,a Facebook user who is known to kick against all sort of social menance, Mallam Mohammed A. Adamu said a tricyclist (Keke Napep) hit an innocent Almajiri street begger to dead at Hayin Gada,Girei LGA of Adamawa state.

Adamu who is constant on fighting the influx of Almajiris in Yola in the name of Islamic studies and end up becoming victims of all sort of societal ills is condemnable.

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In a disburbing mode he worried the kind of life the northernees are living and call for join force end the unacceptable way of acquiring islamic knowlwdge in northern part of the country.

“What kind of life are we living in the North?Do we even have respect for humanity? Are those children Not deserve a better future? Are we waiting for someone to fight our fight?” He asked

“Haba! We should be beyond this…
Lets wake up and fight this menace..
Arise o come northerners…

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