Baba Paris,Adamawa mornach dares kidnappers


The Dan Isan Adamawa and district Head of Jimeta in Yola North Metropolitan Council of Adamawa, Alhaji Inuwa Baba-Paris has dared kidnappers terrorizing some communities in Adamawa to try him and see the consequences.

Baba-Paris issued the threat in Yola at a Town Hall Meeting on corruption Organized by Wadata Communication Limited in collaboration with US based MacArthur Foundation.

“They are going round kidnapping people with impunity, let them try me; I have been moving around let them try me and see,” Baba-Paris fumed with rage.

He lamented the raising cases of violent crime and urged government to give traditional rulers more powers and see positive results in fighting crime and corrupt practices in the society.

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“There was a time that Shila Boys raped a girl to death. I took my men to their den since police are not eager to go. The boys sent fierce dogs after us but I neutralized them in my own special way.

“Government should give us constitutional power and see wonders.

“When politicians want something like extending their tenure the don’t waste time amending the constitution, but things like giving traditional rulers powers has been dragging for years,” Baba-Paris said.

He explained there was a time his office drafted a form to keep data of people buying landed property in the district to know “who is who” but people snubbed the development as trampling on their constitutional right to live and owned properties anywhere in Nigeria.

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