Open Letter:Samuel Aruwan was a street beggar before Comrade Shehu Sani liberates him-Barr Dauda


A renown lawyer basing in Kaduna,Barr Ezekiel Dauda lampooned the Chief Press Secretary of Governor Nasir Elrufai as an ingrates who easily forgets his destiny helpers in life.

Dauda in a letter wrote to Samuel Aruwa,accusing him of biting the fingers of Comrade Shehu Sani, the Senator who is representing Kaduna central as the first man lifted him from the dungeons of scourge Poverty before his paths crossed with Gov Elrurai and Sani.

Dauda continue to accuse Aruwan of changing his christened name “Samuel” to “Samaila Danbaki” because of excessive desires to gain frivolous favours from his Muslims Masters.

He fingered Samuel as an unfortunate snitch and a mould that came from Southern Kaduna,because of his evil desires fighting and betraying the people he calls his own.

Ezekiel Dauda who is better known as John Bull berates Aruwan as a beggar who roam the streets of Kaduna with one Micha Shabi,a blind Man from Kabala west.

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Dauda write the open letter to him as thus

“Dear Samuel Aruwan

“I read a post where you were attacking senator Shehu Sani for speaking out against the murder of Tourists and others in Kaduna by kidnappers your Government has been unable to tackle.

“First let me try to clarify whether your name is still Samuel Aruwan because i learnt you later changed it to SAMAILA DANBAKI in order to please your master and further distance yourself from your Christian brothers in Southern Kaduna. I don’t have a problem with that if you even decide to change your religion. It’s a free world.

“I just wish to remind you that Senator Shehu Sani is one that has lifted you from the street long before you know Nasiru Elrufai or Uba Sani your new masters. I have been an eye witness when you came severally to his office at No 5 Katsina road as far back as 2000 up to 2007 and receive some stipend to be able to settle your school and feeding issues. The man you used to come with is alive Micha Shabi, the blind man from Kabala west. Mr Samuel Aruwan or Alhaji Samila Danbaki, I was there when Comrade Shehu Sani gave you your first motorcycle in Life in 2004. That upgraded your life and stopped you from trekking in the streets of Kaduna.

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“Even if Governor Elrufai bought a plane for you today, the past you cannot change was that The comrade gave you your first motorcycle.

“Many times you came to his office for financial assistance and today you have the shamelessness of insulating him.

“However,it’s not surprising that you can do that after all you can betray your people in southern Kaduna just to enrich yourself by working with the one who is killing them.

“Aruwan, you are a disgrace to the people of southern kaduna. You should know that after being in Government, there’s life to live, ask those who where there before you.”

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Much effort to get across Barr Dauda to further clarify his allegations, being the fact that Samuel is performing his duties without crossing borders as the image maker of the Governor result to a fruitless efforts.

Recall that Samuel Aruwan is the current Chief Press Secretary (CPS) of Mallam Nasir Elrufai,the executive Governor of Kaduna state whose primary assignment is to protect,project,propagate and profess the image of his principal consciously or unconsciously.

This is a duty Aruwan is owning the entire Masses of the state not only to his principal,the Governor.

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