Fashe: The Man and the Vision for New Adamawa NLC


Adamawa Civil servants are yet in another moment to decide who lead them in piloting the affairs of the labour force seen to be a perceived empty vacuum that need an urgent replace. The labour Union under Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in the state is described as “unmindful and perturb” to the welfare of the civil servants in terms of promotion, entitlements,salaries increments, prompt payment of gratuities and pension.

The vicious cycle of having round and round complains from workers in the state has become a concern by the work force. A seasoned labour unionist,a Friend to all the workers in Adamawa State,Comrade Emmanuel Fashe has hearken to the yearnings of his brothers and sisters (civil servants),set and ready to take the bull by its horns in changing the retrogressive and locomotive moving speed of the NLC in the state in championing their course, and focusing on to fight for those things that will make every worker smile in the state.

As they say; experience count. But for now,it is not only count but is an idea of better leadership. Emma who Was born 5th December, 1970 in Michika and began his civil career work in the defunct Gongola state 1st January, 1991 as an assistant clerical officer in Grade 03. The dream of servitude and making himself relevant in serving humanity made him rose through the ranks and files of civil service commission of becoming an executive officer of administration with Grade level 14 as at 1st January, 2013.

The Young civil servant found it difficult to unravel the atavistic style of labour leaders of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) in Michika LGA who are taken stagnation as a norm to lead. A Passion of servants leadership rekindled in Emmanuel Fashe and became the branch Chairman NULGE of Michika from 1997-2000. This in his life has turned to a watershed achievement and place him a spotted Union leader that can go to higher places because of his exemplified life service to his fellow colleagues.

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The journey of leading Michika branch of NULGE was fruitful by yielding good results because of Fashe’s leadership,it became a yardstick of consolidating the good representation of Emmanuel,he was Reelected again to hold the helms of the Union affairs from 2000-2003.

The glowing feats of his good leadership began to glow in a Lambent burning campfire of radiating to an excellence of a good leader. Fashe was given the opportunity to become the Caretaker president of NULGE in Adamawa State from June-Dec,2002.

Felicitously,Emma was seen to be a man that will be the best that can fit in well to suit the office of the president of NULGE. In 2007-2011 he was substantive elected as the state president of the Union. From 2011 -2015 he was stepped up again to be elected President for the Union for the second term,a tenure the civil servants of Local Government employees testified was a rewarding one in Adamawa state.

Emmanuel Fashe when he was the Local Chairman and state president of NULGE ,one unique ability he possessed is his level of transparent administration, an integrity that saw him through to become the Elected national publicity secretary of the union from 2015 to date.

Call him a certified and chartered unionist,you are not far from the truth,haven attended NLC State level school in 2007 and in 2015 went to Uyo and attended the NLC Rain school. Went to various courses on labour matters both at home and other countries of the world with international recognition as a good labour unionist. This level of attainment makes him one of the most qualify aspirant vying for the state Chairman of NLC in Adamawa state


Fashe as an accomplished labour man and a successful senior civil servant who is known to be a Convivial to all people around him,his lively and humble nature is a magnate of joy to many. These among many reasons some senior and critical stakeholders of civil servants press on him to go for Adamawa state Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

Emmanuel Fashe has a rebranded name for NLC in Adamawa, he conceived a vision of the Reify impossible experiencing in the present leaders of the mother union, where it is believe is being mann in a abstract nature far from becoming a reality to defence the course of labour force in the state.
Emma is now the new Man with the new vision and conceiver of a new Adamawa NLC where the welfare of all members is the top most priority of his manifesto. He envisioned an NLC where all members will be respected, their entitlements,renumeration,promotions will be the interest of his administration.

A civil servant,Adamu Mohammed extolled Fashe to be a freedom fighter,a great Man who answer the name of a Leader in all ramifications, an eagle who see farther to conceive a vision of a better Adamawa NLC and indeed Nigeria, a dogged Man who is ready to fight and defend them at all cost, having great prowess to be the masses messenger.

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Many in Adamawa justified Fashe to be Leader who believe in the unity of Adamawa civil servants,of course believe the agenda of a one Nigeria and a better Adamawa state, hence their prayers to have a Man like him to go and make vibrant and people oriented NLC Chairman by God’s willing. He is not rapacious appetite for fame but contented with the little he has.

“Emmanuel is the type of Man any Governor in Adamawa to pray to work with, a Man that is international known as a comrade into the struggles of civil servants, a Don in labour force unionism with proven records of integrity of all the offices he ever held.Adamawa people we should thank God that this Man has accepted our call to serve us,in fact he don’t need us to live, because he is already a success, but we need him to bring massive changes in the civil service of our dear state, because all around him is success and goodness that follows him.”

” He is known to be a Man unto good works,who is always finding ways to help people, I’m calling on all the delegates that have the voting right to please come and votes for this Man ,this is the time to pay back all the good things he has been doing to us.

“We call him to come and contest, let us use all we have to support him so that he will not be disgraced.” Adamu said

Dan Garba

Opinion writer

Writes this from Yola,

Adamawa state


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