Sen Bindo is still the ideal type of Governor Adamawa should have-Dahiru


A Yola based politician who is an aide to the Executive Governor of Adamawa state, Hon Dahiru Hammandikko said Gov Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindo possessed the ideal leadership trait that Adamawa state is in dare need of.

Dahiru said that the ideal Governor of Adamawa state must be humble, tolerance, Patience and somebody that’s not a Gormandizer to people’s wealth.

According to him Bindo is serving with an open door policy with sense of humility to leading the people with all dignity.

The founder of a political group Bring back Buhari and Bindo said the birthmarks of Peace loving person in Bindo makes him to be one of the best Governor who see leadership as a responsible call that one day is going to give account of his stewardship here after.

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He continue to extols Jibrilla a kind gift by God for the people of Adamawa to served the state in a dignify manner void of all sort of political crisis.

“The inbuilt birthmarks of humility, sincerity,simplicity and down to earth idiosyncrasy of our Governor is non to second I have ever seen. My prayers are that the next in-coming to step into his shoes should have the above mentioned virtues for our people.

” My prayer is that the in coming Governor should have the good qualities of Bindo of taken everyone along for political stability in the state.

“Bindo can never fight,he sees power as a transient and God wills it to whoever He wishes “Dahiru said

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