I set a new agenda for Adamawa NLC-Yakubu Mijah


A leading aspirant vying for the Chairmanship position of Adamawa state chapter of Nigeria Labour congress (NLC), Comrade Yakubu Mijah assured civil servant in the state of a new agenda of transparent and justice focused representation if the mantle of leadership will be given to him.

Mijah accused present leaders of the union of using their office to deprived civil servants their statutory entitlement and benefits, and as such they do not have any moral ground to stand for any Position seeking for reelection.

According to him they have taken enough of their mess and nonchalant attitude toward the interest of the union,begging them to back tract in lobbying their way back to power for the interest of the union.

He lampooned the present leaders of NLC in the state of being corrupt with greedy mindset to enrich and paying dues themselves.

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Yakubu said the leadership of Dauda Maina,Jeremiah Ngyakwar and Emmanuel Fashe is characterise with failures and challenge them to properly give the account of their stewardship to the union regard salaries,promotions, arrears,yearly salaries increment,pension and gratuities of the state civil servants.

The experienced unionist who serve the union as a three term consecutive vice Chairman in the state said his struggle for them is purely on welfare,fighting their cause without retreat or surrender.

“We don’t have NLC leaders in the state as far as I’m concern,they are just a scandalous group of leaders with nothing to show forth as leader. By God’s grace we are changing them this time around.” Mijah said

He labelled them “lazy group” with no ability to fight for common salaries increment,prompt payment of gratuities and pension

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Mijah said he availed himself for a rescue mission,to bail the workers out of a zero leadership style to a dream and result fulfill leadership.

Yakubu called on Adamawa civil servants to join hands with him to sacrifice this present leaders out of power, who are nothing but covetous and carnivorous in eating fat from the treasury of the union.

“These people should be sacrifice and should be put to jail,because of their style of leadership workers in Adamawa have being suffering.

“Please Let’s us call a Spade a spade NLC leader in Adamawa are criminals,i wonder why the EFCC and DSS are not after them.

” I’m for workers and their cause,now If the workers will give me the mandate, I’m assuring them of a coming to salvage them,they have being neglected and i want them to be respected for who they are.” Mijah vowed

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Comrade Yakubu alleged that present officials of NLC have being collecting the union dues without doing something to show for it,which he said is a big disgrace to the union.

“If they have done something special with our dues, I challenge them to show it for us.” He added

On wanting a reaction from comrade Jeremiah,Dauda and Dauda by our reporters to response to some of the allegations raised against them by Mijah,Jeremiah replies were;” In my sec meeting please.” While Emmanuel Fashe said he is in Abuja for official engagement and Dauda’s was not picking his calls

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