Dokpesi Denies Travelling Illegally, Considers Legal Actions Against FG


Raymond Dokpesi, the Chief Executive Officer of Daar Communications has denied travelling out of Nigeria illegally, as alleged by the Nigerian Immigrations Service (NIS).

Dokpesi showed documents to corroborate his claim, as he reacted to a statement made by the Comptroller-General of the NIS, Mohammed Babandede.

Babandede had claimed that Dokpesi travelled out of Nigeria through illegal means, as records did not show if he travelled by air, sea or land.

Dokpesi in an interview with Premium Times said he has travelled out of Nigeria twice between November and March, with his passport stamped by the NIS.

“Initially I left Nigeria on Emirates Airlines on November 26, 2018. I went through the Abuja International Airport and came back through Abuja International Airport. Photocopies of my current passport, on page 60, show the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) stamped on it on November 26.

“When I came back from that trip on December 22, 2018. Again, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) stamped NIS on my passport.

“Again, I left Nigeria on the evening of March 8, 2019, the eve of the rescheduled governorship elections held on March 9, I went through the airport here in Abuja. I have my flight tickets. I also went on Emirate Airlines. The immigration service stamped NIS on my passport.

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“When I came back on March 22, 2019, the immigration service also stamped NIS on my passport.

“So, how can the immigration service say they do not have my records? If they do not have the records of my departure and arrival in the country, then it means the Federal Republic of Nigeria is wasting its resources sustaining the immigration department.

“It means the millions being voted in the budget for immigration service are being embezzled by people in this administration who must be held accountable for it.

“So, I don’t know how the issue came that immigration said they issued a special point to the effect that I did not go through immigration at the airport when I travelled,” Mr Dokpesi complained.


He added that considering his political stature in the society, it was foolhardy to think he would be using fake documents to travel out of the country.

He said his internation passport was always served directly from the Comptroller General of Immigration’s Office.

“Each time I’ve had to replace my passport, I go to the Comptroller General’s Office and wait for the passport, apart from snapping my photograph. Therefore, I have never had any illegitimate passport. It is from the Office of the Comptroller General that they always prepared my passport,” he said.

Meanwhile, he has absolved the NIS of blames as he accuses the DSS and NIA of being culpable for his March 22nd arrest at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja.

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“I don’t have any problem with the immigration. I don’t believe they are the ones behind all these. I am absolutely confident it is not immigration. I guess it is either from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) or SSS.

“I know all that is going on. I am keeping quiet, even on the main case about the N2.1 billion from Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) for services rendered, I am just keeping quiet.

“But, if they put hands into my mouth, I will vomit and tell them the whole story of the things that are involved. I verily believe the DSS has sinister reasons that go beyond the official explanations. They are only using immigration as cover,” he said.

Babandede has said he will keep mum on Dokpesi’s case until he presents his international passport to the Immigrations.

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