Bindo Conceding defeat to Fintiri, what a strength of a good leader


It takes a good leader with selfless character of leadership to concede defeat because of the people he governs. Threats are always found in few who consider leadership permissive will of God who does it to whosoever he wish at whatever time. These believe in the transient nature of power and it can be transitional at the course of time.

Sen Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindo, the Executive Governor of Adamawa state earned the respect of many people yesterday for jettisoned the euphoria, the glory and the flavors attached to his office and concede defeat as an incumbent Governor of the state by congratulating the Governor elect, Rt Hon Ahmadu Fintiri of the opposition People Democracy party.


The rapacious appetite of fame of it must be me is not found in him but tilting his focus for the overall Peace, unity and grow of Adamawa state. The aggressive nature of greediness seen in many leaders is seen less on him by trying to kill the monster of greediness.

Bindo’s quirk of conceding defeat is a pure character of a good leader and should be celebrated.If all people in the place of authority can be all this, Nigeria will have a steady grow of democracy that will lead to peaceful and Harmonious coexistence.

Hear his words please:

“I remain grateful to the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to serve the people of Adamawa State, my action as a Governor in the last Four Years were with the best intentions and appreciated the entire Adamawa citizens for the mandate given to me to serve and wishes the state and peaceful transition and Progress in the year ahead.

” I cherished Democratic norms and values as it practiced in the civilised world.” He said

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Conceding means i will support you,it use to be me,it is no longer i now but you,you are now the leader and can do all i can to make you succeed.

It means we are a collective winners and losers, it drives to the same paths and direction of purpose,it journey to same destination of a good ending.

It is an honourable act,it can only be found in people who are truly honourable.

Sir! I salute your courage, your doggedness and approach to leadership

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