Ruth (Real name with held) who escaped from the den of Boko Haram was born to Christian parents in a local church situated in the north-eastern part of Nigeria, said Leah Sharibu is waxing strong in her Faith as she is a living witness of the demonstration of healing virtues on her.

The 25-year-old Ruth recount that she shared a “cell” with Leah and always growing stronger with constant prayers to show of her unwavering faith in the camp of her abductors.

She said the painful experience of stomach arched she had while in Sambisa forest made her believe that Leah is no doubt a Prophetess whose laying of hands healed her the stomach pains.

The gory testimony of Ruth,her life at the claws of her abductors who married her out to a Boko Haram fighter,shows she experienced a miserable life she wouldn’t want to experience again haven given birth to the Man she never loved.

“After I had the unpleasant child delivery, I was always having stomach pain. One day, Leah told me to have the belief that God could heal me. She laid her hand on my stomach and prayed for me. She was like a prophetess in captivity. She prays and heals people. She kept preaching and telling us that there is a supreme God that watches over us. Every day, we heard her pray.” Ruth Said

She continue to say that in the cell where she is sharing with Leah at the dreaded Sambisa forest,Leah has been source of encouragement to them.

Ruth told Hindi Livinus of the Punch that Leah Sharibu and a few others were brought into the camp after they were abducted at Dapchi town. After being shown the picture of the girl, Ruth identified her as Leah. From the transistor radio of the guards at the camp, Ruth said they heard in the news that the sect demanded a ransom to release the girls. She was unsure of the number of girls kidnapped as captives were kept in different cells.

She stated, “I recognise the picture, it is Leah. She refused to convert to Islam in the camp. There is a small wall separating us; so, we interacted well but when a ‘soldier’ was approaching, our interaction would be disrupted. She told us to continue praying and she led us in prayers. She told us that she and others were kidnapped from Dapchi in Yobe State.

“Since she refused to convert, the soldiers told us that she was an infidel and that she should not be allowed to cook for us. Leah never attended the Islamic lesson. I am sure she is alive because I left her there. Leah is a strong believer in her faith with strong character also. Whenever any of us was ill, she would pray for us and we would be alright.

Asked if Leah was maltreated by the insurgents in the cell or married to a Boko Haram fighter, Ruth said the fighters wouldn’t beat or maltreat captives, noting that some of the Dapchi girls were exchanged for Boko Haram fighters. She also said Leah was not married to a fighter.

Ruth through the help of NGOs,District heads of Duhu and Shuwa and well-meaning individuals are resettling her to make her regain back her life.

You can recall that a young girl that was kidnapped alongside over 100 other young girls by the insurgents at the Government Science and Technical College in Dapchi, Yobe State. While others kidnapped with her had been released after the Federal Government negotiated with the sect, Leah is still in captivity for refusing to denounce her Christian faith.

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