Adamawa Guber Race: “Honourable” Umar Fintiri Has No Moral Right To Seek Our Mandate


By Abdulrahaman Njidda Yebi

Tell me, of all that is said regarding “Honourable” Fintiri in our criticism of his candidacy, what is it that is not true? Is it Stealing 2.9 Billion Naira in in less than three (3) months in office or diverting the money meant for the establishment and equipping of law faculty at Adamawa State University? These facts are now subject matter of litigation before a Court of law being prosecuted by the EFCC.

For your information, the PDP’s Candidate is now on bail and his trial almost coming to an end. We all know what happens to his counterparts – Jolly of Taraba State and Dariye of Plateau State all serving their 14 years prison term in kirikiri. Fintiri’s critics are not the enemies – as we didn’t manufacture anything to bring him down but it is his dark past that is haunting him.

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Don’t blame us but the EFCC that took him to court inorder to recover your the money meant for the development our state. I wonder how people reason! Between the EFCC that says what was illegally taken away from us be returned and the Fintiri that raised and plundered our common wealth in less than 3 months , running into billions, who is the enemy of the people of Adamawa State?

Where is our manners?! To see that some people are dogged in ensuring that Fintiri becomes the Governor on 29th May, 2019, is to beg the beg the question: what’s happening to our value system? Simply because of a pecuiniary gain or personal aggrandizement?

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Misappropriation of funds belonging to Adamawa State people – the same people Fintiri is asking for their votes without shame should be condemned by all and sundry. Regrettably, you see some unpatriotic citizens having the guts to say that Adamawa is Fintirified! Their reason is just one: Fintiri paid salary and settled two months arrears of salary which remained unpaid under Admiral Murtala Nyako without adverting their minds to the fact that in settling the said arrears of salary, stupendous amount of tax payers money found their way into his personal pocket thereby, shortchanging the unsuspecting citizenry.

Politicians should be careful with the party called PDP which is notorious ly known with one thing and that is, laundering all kinds of dirty people and imposing them on the people because of our greediness and political interest just for pecuniary gains.

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If you ask my honest opinion on this fintirism mentality, I will tell you that Fintiri is in this race not because he has the passion for governing this state but to escape from the long arm of justice which is currently pursuing him and closing in fast on him.

Given the plethora of evidences tendered before the court, it is just a matter of time Fintiri is convicted of stealing our common wealth and criminally betraying and breeching the trust the people of Adamawa have collectively reposed in him. If this is the man you choose over the incumbent Governor, Umar Jibrilla Bindow, then I weep for our state!
Abdulrahman Njidda Esq
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