Humanly speaking nobody is happy with the way things are going on the entire country, Adamawa inclusive as there are uproar complains by many people in the state of the failure of the present government to properly address the non payment of Local Governments (LG) employees’s salaries in the state who have owed many months of unpaid salaries by the state government. The situation was truly pathetic and seriously not bringing well the aroma colour of this administration.

A problem that has far been interpreted by many people and regarded the government having a huge leadership defects, doubting the possibility of a second return if they wish to recontesting in the forth coming general elections of 2019.

Another side of the complains is the inability of the present administration to involve politicians who worked hard to bring the system into be. The people who burnt night candles to make the realities of the government into existence. The All progressives Congress party (APC) politicians that comprises of card carrying member and stakeholders in the state according to unclassified source have been relegated at the back drop and tactically being send out of the party system by the government for a number of reasons best to described as “used and dumped”. Their outrageous accusations are suggesting not to be enjoying the labour of their hands as the cabinet brought in non politicians, people who do not know how the government came into be to be holding various offices in the state. Some have concluded that “the 2019 general elections are hard times and hard chances of Governor Bindow’s return because of his many mistakes.”

It further degenerated to the extend for some people who i consider enemies of the state are using a syndicate fake Facebook account by the name “Salman Hamza” and many other fake social media propaganda ,which was discovered to be an instrumental work of high profile personalities of the state’s indigenes with the sole aim of posting unclassified information, using skirmishes and blackmail stories just to Wash down the glory of Adamawa state in the name of attacking the government. To me the imposter by name Salma for whatever reasons is doing the sponsored Job is nothing than an act of cowardice hence his identity is not known. Not to dwell my time on this Salma of a person I think the perpetrator is more of a paid image damager of Adamawa state than thinking the other way round. Whatever affect the head, is invariably affecting any part of the body. Be warned!

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Other complain that went viral some couple of years ago is the interview granted by the present Chairman,Bishop Dami Mamza of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of the state’s chapter where he accused the present administration of lopsided appointments at the detriment of Christians who have not being carrying along in the state’s affairs.

Good as their reasons could be in defence of their rights and entitlements,this is actually a genuine fights, genuine struggles and “right of ownership”. This is indeed one of the beauty of democracy where every body is a stakeholder and every voice is loud enough to be heard in a wider perspective (audience). But when you check the present cabinet members of Bindo’s administration,it an all inclusive government, carrying and balancing in terms of religion thin line.

In checking up the Government of Adamawa State honourably spear headed by the most enviable and respected Governor, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow. I will like to balance that with my sheer thoughts perception of the Government to be one of the most focused government we have in this country.

Categorically, Adamawa State Local governments workers have being experiencing salaries problems and it varies from one Local Government of the other. Some LGs owe the government three months, some four and others are owing up-to five months.

Understanding what is Government and the issues of governance in a democracy practice country. For the purpose of clarity and general understanding or in a lay Man way of understanding, Government is a machinery put in place or systems systems working in an organised way to meet the needs of people using set rules (constitution) either by way of election or appointment. And governance is an act that is making the system works.

As it’s normally Said “Government is continuity, is a process “, “it’s soldier goes and soldier come and barracks remains the same.” Any Government or Governor can inherit assets and can equally inherit liabilities and Governor Bindow is never an exceptional in this regard.

The issue of Local governments salaries backlog as far I can remember emanated from the elapsed government,the coming of Bindow on board inherited the myriads problems (challenges) and is standing toed and nail to face it headlong. Now is history,promised made is now a promise fulfill,he paid all and facing governance in concrete terms. Being a purpose and a focused leader whose is a grass root Governor, the problem was one of the attention given by his administration with a committee set up to delve into knowing the cause and root of the problems when he newly assumed into office.

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In a general note, suffice it to say that the problem of non payment of salaries is a national issues,but Bindow wade it off by cautioning it with payment of all the months inherited as liabilites heapped up my past government,making Adamawa to be one of the least state with salaries problems. According to a statics revealed and carried out by media outfits in the country, When comparing with states like Kogi which is owing it local governments staff of 16 months, Benue owing about 8 months, Kaduna 6,5,6,So the story In Jos, Nasarawa etc.

Being a national problem, it is easy to believe that the economy crisis bedevilling the country (recession) is no doubts added to the non payment of local governments staff in the country. The era of Our oil boom which is the country’s economy main stream has drastically been reduced,security issues (Insurgents) in some parts of the North East states highly contributed to falling of internally generated revenue (IGR) and Adamawa is one of the worst hit states.

In this aspect I think Governor Bindow is a hero of which accolades of praises should be rain down to him, with all this State’s civil servants have never been denied their salaries no wonder the state is never mention among those owing their staff.

On the area of sidelining or closing his doors to some political stakeholders is something that is normal as politicians all the time and in every gotten chance they are like Oliver twist who will not be hesitate of more once there is an opportunity. One cannot totally assert that there are no politicians who worked in bringing this government into occupying various positions in the state. The Chief of staff, Abdulraham Abba is a notable politician and one among many piloting the affairs of the state, Mathias Yohanna, Barr Lillian Nabe, the deputy Governor, Martins Babale etc had worked great to bring Bindow In power. Of conceiving to see the state’s Exco of the party not in good times with the Governor, to me is a normal game in politics, interest is the main thing once interest of some people are not protected the whole thing becomes an issue.

Religion has become a very sensitive issues in this country most especially in the Northern states, it’s also unfortunate some people are using the religion formula to feed well. Politicians and many for their heinous interest uses religion to take them to any position they are looking for. The present administration of Governor Bindow is comprising of both Christians and Muslim, the out cry of the lopsided appointments uttered out by the CAN chairman is equally an interest of some people some where else that has not been protected. If it is actually true the government has given a religion preference over the other in the state, to me it is never over until it is over, the governor is still working, having a focus to achieve purpose with about two years left in office any thing can happen to balance up the out cry.


It’s important to note here that, the problem of religion if care is not taken will consume the whole country. I think if there can be good governance irrespective of who is who in terms of religion and is doing well for the people that settles the matter. The entire country is drifting towards religion inclination and if not check properly there will not be good leadership.

Comparably and in a general note Governor Bindow is brilliantly performing well, if despite the Boko Haram insurgency attacks that hampered development and economy activities in Northern part of the state but yet within two years in office, there is great restoration in Mubi, Michika, Madagali, Maiha, Hong and Gombi of revamp fast grow of economy activities.

No Governor within two years in office beautify Jimeta, Yola as Ganye, Sheleng and Numan can testify that Bindow is indeed an erudite working on physical infrastructures performance in the state and there is non of his second. Is still the best and will still be the best in the area of Education, Health and Agriculture where in some sectors he has since declared State of emergency in order to bring faster development.

No wonder in this few years he has received many prestigious award within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Best among many awards he received are the award for America custodian of culture from the Northern part of Nigeria,the  Leadership Governor of the year, an award that makes him to work harder to earned another award by the Daily Times of Nigeria Awards for the best performing Governor of the year last but not the least is the HOD award he received last weekend in Lagos along side the former vice President Atiku Abubakar and lastly is the Zumunta association in America award.

Come this Saturday, go out cast Your votes him ….. Because
Bindow still the best!!!!

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