9th Elections in Adamawa State: Gov Bindo- The Raba Gardama


At the time when about strong three party staging a threat as political opposition Parties, jostling and fighting to unseat the Executive Governor of Adamawa state, Sen Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindo, the Lion seems relax,but slow and smartly tipping toeing to be back to the seat is occupying,an office is doing his best to change the whole of Adamawa state.

His believe is in God and the people will be holding their mandate trust on him because he is a father to many up coming politicians,sees and consider him a timely role model.

For now and at the moment he is going beyond the primordial sentiments of religion bigotry or extremism to have an all-inclusive leadership by the powers of a doing God.

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Bindo is more than prepare to push forward the good work is beyond, have a more revamp administration that will still change and shape up the history of not only Adamawa state but Nigeria as a bounded entity.

He is empower because he has the people mandate entrust in him,the power he have to show case the good act of leadership, he is in government and is having the morals to lead well,this man is quest to see people being liberated.

Match 9th,2019,date,a time set aside that will reshape the destinies of so many Adamawa indigenes who God wills to win the coming gubernatorial elections.

Sen Muhammadu is fully much on ground, patiently waiting in grand style to redesign,to change the narratives of Adamawa state again.

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Whichever way, under whatever circumstances, I see the pendulum is swinging to the right direction, the direction of Sen Bindo. The Raba gardama- the one who is set to win the coming elections by God’s willing

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