Stories in the lips of many people, coming from different angles are stories of celebration, having a hero, a Lion controlling the affairs of the jungle, a leader who lead with a passion, a Man who is into business,means business and doing business for the people of Adamawa state.

Senator Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow was sworn -in into office on 2th May, 2015 haven came from business environment and loaded with parliamentary experience from the House of Senate.

This gentle man, down to earth Governor even at the serious dwindling harshness of economy the nation is engulfed with in the last few years ,he maintain a good spirit that Adamawa must be good and better in all faces of life.His panache mind set of no “matter what “Adamawa state deserve the best and the best is meant for them.

Within three months in office when every state is struggling for salaries sustainability,Bindow awarded contract worth billions of Naira that is having direct bearing to the people of the state.

It right to say for the past 25 years of the birth of Adamawa state no Governor in In less than one year and half in office have turned up and change the state with good Physical infrastructures of roads.

Adamawa state is known to be one of the most multi dialectal,multi religion and multi what i call high profile personalities who will always want to be the de-factor Governors. Seeing the complexity nature of the state, Bindow,after 25 years of the state existence he vowed to work and nothing than to work for the common people that gave him the Mandate to work.

After 25years its pains well spirited individuals of the state that Adamawa is still what is it, before his coming on board as the present Governor of the state, the state is generally considered one of the most backward state in Nigeria,where virtually nothing is going on well with the people of the state.

But it took Bindow Every thing to simply say I want to be the pilot or the driver that can drive my people to a safe place,my driver Governor vowed to work (Drive) hard to save everyone on board to where they are best suppose to be.

From May last year to date i was privilege to traveled to 27 states of the country and haven known Adamawa well infrastructurally without mixing words one will say Bindow is relatively doing too well to reshape the state to it’s original name: which is the land of beauty that have been bastardised because of bad leadership.

Despite the scourge of insurgency that retardate the speed of economy growth in the Northern areas of the state, my driver Governor is still driving fast to revive the economy activities of all those LGs that was initially been ravaged by Boko Haram, Mubi,Michika, Hong, Gombi,Maiha are economically gaining strength.

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Jimeta,Yola and Mubi are now taken new shape with roads construction,vowed to touch every land and race in the state with his people connection policies:Bindow for social Change ( BSC).

Being a driver and born with business concepts,he travels far and near to woo investors to come and do business with the people of Adamawa state that is endowed with all kinds of natural resources and good arable land for Agriculture which will jack up the internally generated revenue (IGR) of the state.

From Toungo to Madagali, Fufore to Shelleng Bindow is driving to safe lives, driving to take all and sundry to a resting place because the journey with the past Governments was a bad experiences haven had so many James Bombs holding the wheels of the steers.

From Gondola to Adamawa today is 25years old, from the military regime to the civilian regime of Governor is a story of “had I know “,were the much desire of the expected dream of a new Adamawa state was high owing to the miriads problems of the defunct Gongola state in many facets of life.

One of his Senior Adviser shape the adminstration of Bindow this way and I quote :”The expectations of the people were turned to total futility story with so many recurrently developmental problems that dashed the hope of many indigenes of the state.

“One critical area in which these disappointment keep raising it’s ugly head is in the area of infrastructural development. There are many other key sectors that have suffered similar fate but my focus in this piece, shall be the provision of basic infrastructure with emphasis on intra and inter city roads.

“The roads in Adamawa state have been associated with pot holes, you rarely have a smooth drive within the state capital even on major roads. Visitors and other Nigerians have often mocked residents on the dilapidated nature of roads in the city despite the big name and people Adamawa is known for.

“Neighbouring states like Gombe and Taraba which were newly created began to outpace Adamawa in the provision of infrastructure and setting the pace for what deliberate modernisation of cities and towns should be, providing for the people the dividends of democracy making life near comfortable for the people.

“As neighbouring states continue to outpace Adamawa in the provision of infrastructure, the already existing ones in the state began to age and deteriorate and in no time comparisons of developmental strides between Adamawa and it’s neighbouring states became unpalatable.

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“These trend continued with successive Governments. Little wonder then that when the wind of change began to blow across the country Adamawa state unequivocally embraced change in a bid to try something new may be it’s population will also sing the song of infrastructural development.

“The mantra of change brought into power Senator Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla as the Executive Governor of Adamawa State under the platform of the All progressives Congress (APC).
People prayed for this jinx of underdevelopment that has become a monster in the state to be broken. There were mixed feelings when the new Government which took over on May 29th declared a debt profile of about 45 Billion Naira in the state, but Governor Jibrilla quickly comforted the people by saying it is no excuse to not deliver on His campaign promises, he promised to use his connections and business acumen to weather the storm. Not many people believed the Governor will be focused, committed and proactive. Many concluded that the debt profile of the state will be used as an excuse and the state will go through another four years of stagnation. There is an enormous task of repositioning the state for growth, for indeed Adamawa has been left behind and has been playing catch-up for many years.

“But within 30 days in Office, Senator Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla has flagged off Road constructions that worth billions of Naira in the state that previous Governments haven’t done in their entire tenures in office. He promptly paid the state civil servants as at when due despite the financial mismanagement of the previous government.

“Questions began to pop up in every official and unofficial public discuss.
where is Governor Bindow sourcing money to pay for these constructions?
A total of over 300 kilometres of rural roads constructions are ongoing within 30 days of the Governor in Office. Another network of inter city roads construction was flagged off and the projects ongoing.

“What magic is Governor Bindow performing? How is the Governor managing these debts and at the same time delivering on His campaign promises? Questions, questions and mstions, questions and many more questions.

“Governor Muhammed Umar Jibrilla has brought to light the fact that, what Adamawa State lacked since the advent of the fourth Republic was leadership. How else can you explain a situation where salaries are paid up to date and at the same time developmental projects are been flagged off almost on a weekly basis in the state?

“The recurrent decimal of stagnation and lack of infrastructure is gradually been eliminated by the Governor and interestingly within 30 days in Office.
Permit me to say that the jinx of underdevelopment in Adamawa state has been broken and standard set.
On the 2nd of July 2015. Nigeria’s Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbanjo visited the state for an on the spot assessment of the situation of the internally displaced persons, but because of the enormous construction work going on in the state he spared sometime out of his busy schedule, led by the state Governor, he flagged-off a network of urban roads construction at Wauru-jebbe in Jimeta Yola.


“Construction companies have since the advent of this Government continue to troop into the state and many more including foreign investors are showing great interest in contributing to the development of the state in many sectors. Given much assurance to have a good partnership with the Bindow’s who they believe in his government which is a people oriented one.

“As I write this piece, the deputy Governor, is leading a team of foreign investors in accessing four major general hospitals in the state to be evaluated for either reconstruction or rehabilitation to meet global standards in health care delivery.
The long awaited change has finally arrived in Adamawa State, a new dawn has come.

“Governor Bindow has finally come to the rescue and residents have begun to chant the slogan of a new Adamawa under Governor Bindow.

“The Governor seems unrepentantly determined to change the norm and prove that with a sincere, honest and transparent leadership a lot can be achieved in the provision of infrastructure, leadership is the only thing that is required and leadership he is providing.

“With the pace at which the present Government is going, many residents in the state believe that Adamawa is set to compete with states like Kano, Kaduna and other advanced states in the country. If what is been achieved within the first thirty days in Office of the Governor is sustained, it is not yet imagined what Adamawa State will look like at the end of Governor Bindow’s four-year tenure.

“The people of Adamawa State are having a sigh of relief, hope is been rekindled, trust earned, expectations met, promises kept and leadership provided. Has the jinx of underdevelopment been broken finally? This is the question on the lips of everyone in the state.”

Summing it up for 25years of the birth of Adamawa state Bindow is giving a new story, a testimony of “all is well ”

I say Congratulations Adamawa,thank you Governor Bindow for availing yourself to give us a new story in the state after many years of our stagnation.


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