Presidential elections: Why Buhari lost in Adamawa state


The votes collated,counted and announced to declared by INEC Adamawa state revealed that;the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressives Congress,APC,lost out to the candidate of opposition party of People’s Democracy Party,PDP,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who is an indigene of the state with a very slim margin votes.

The PDP votes collated from all the 21 LGAs as officially announced and computed indicates Atiku scored 410,293 while President Muhammadu Buhari of APC polled 378,078. This votes bring about a margin gap against APC with 32,215.

This votes in question have started attracting ill feel queries by supporters of APC to why all this despite privileges of appointment and favours some of the APC stalwarts enjoy in this government.

The thematic and germane questions in the lips of concern citizens are why should Buhari lost APC despite huge capital and human projects he embarked in some areas in the state? Why should Buhari lost when the like of former SGF, and the current SGF, both from the same LGA failed to deliver their LGA,Hong and units for the seating President Buhari? Adamawa is an APC State, with Governor Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindo and yet the party failed to deliver the State? Why!? Why!? And why?????

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Questions upon questions asked to know why should Atiku win with that can of slim votes in Adamawa his home state? The votes can not really push him to the next bar of winning compare the giant gap Buhari gave him at Katsina his home town and in other States.

Many still consider the outcome of the election an excellent one in the state for president Muhammadu Buhari because Adamawa is a home base of his opponent,Atiku with over 1.9m registered voters and he can only beat his opponent with 32,215 votes is a disgrace and shows he lacks the support base of his Adamawa people.

As bad as it looks and portrays to the ruling party in the state,it really saddens every passionate party loyalists and supporters that they couldn’t deliver the party to victory. May I also say that it is true of the proverbial saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand up.

It is on record APC in Adamawa state is known with internal squabbles,an unsolved crisis that’s still rocking the party is what led to the failure of the party at the state level.


One will recall that the Governor of the state, Sen Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindo has been constantly attack by party kinsmen like former SGF Babachir David Lawal,President Buhari’s In-law Alhaji Mahmoud Halilu Modi,Sen Bello Tukur,Marcus Gunduri,Sadiq Kalu (Walin Ganye), Engr Suleiman Omar,aka Omarana,Gen Buba Marwa and many others.

This mentioned kinsmen have seen to formed a political garrison command to fight Gov Bindo. A disunity that resulted to all of them not to secured their various political Voting units. This itself a call for the party to look inward to avoid walking into a pitfall of total disgrace in the near future elections.

While the votes of Gov Bindo unit, Ward and LGA in Mubi North and the votes of the speaker,Adamawa State House of Assembly, Kabiru Mijinyawa in his unit, Ward and LGA, commissioner of LGA and Chieftaincy affairs,SSG of the State, Dr Buba Bindir and quite notable men who deliver their units and wards is what led to the scoring of a narrow margin by Atiku. Suffice it to say that if the unity of the party is as strong as how Katsina State APC is the outcome of the result would have been a colossal lost to PDP.

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This their internal fight is no doubt the main cause of failure to win at the presidential elections. This should be a lesson to all APC loyalists that united they stand to victory and divided they stand to loss political battles.

Another reason consider very Paramount is the non presence of Government of both state and federal in most of the area voted for PDP.

Their votes seem to be a protest against lack of recognition by the government in Power not because the have credible candidates than APC. It is an annoyance votes of non inclusion in the political schemes of things by the government in Power.

An urgent need for the APC in the state to go back to the drawing board and begin to re right the wrongs,do the postmortem of SWOT analysis of what got them to this situation.

The faster the debris of the presidential elections and better will serve and get the party a huge success in the coming elections.

“A word to the wise,is wisdom- kukan kurchiya jawabi ne.”

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