Amb Iyawa is a snitch in APC-says a statement by Buhari campaign council


A statement issued by the Secretary of Buhari/Bindow campaign council, Adamawa state unraveled the betrayal attitude of Ambassador Aminu Iyawa as one of the snitch member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) the party is harbouring in the country.

Umar Duhu who signed the statement accusing Iyawa of double-crosser and informant of the opposition party which since his decision to join the party he has never support or participate in the activities of the party in the state.

The statement which is directly trying to reply a spiteful misleading and mischievous postulation of Iyawa’s accusing Governor Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindow of selling out the state for the PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to garner considerable votes at the polls and he further malignly pointed that, Governor Bindow designed a plan to give Atiku an edge in the polls.

‘To start with, he has no moral right whatsoever to accuse Governor Bindow of anti-party because even though he was part of the people that formed the APC in 2014 but he worked against President Buhari in the 2015 polls; as at then, he pitched tent with the PDP and he was an arrowhead of the calumny campaign against the President Buhari in Adamawa State.

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Secondly, he was lucky to get a Federal Government appointment as an Ambassador but Iyawa has never attended any APC stakeholders’ meeting in the state or convene any such meeting in his local government or Ward to push the cause of President Buhari or the APC.

“Thirdly, how can Iyawa even claim Governor Bindow has failed when he adequately cut down Atiku’s lead votes to 30, 000 votes in the state, Atiku’s own state. Does Iyawa not see what happened in Katsina? The big margin between President Buhari and Atiku?” It stated

The  statement said the malicious attack on the person of the Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow by one Ambassador Aminu Iyawa on the just concluded Presidential elections in the state,it has uncover Worms and cockroaches in Aminu’s bags of his anti party activities


“In as much as we do not usually answer irrelevant political zealots like Iyawa but considering his position as an Ambassador, we feel the need to keep the record straight on falsehood raised by Iyawa, otherwise he might achieve his aim of misleading people who don’t know or understand the true picture of the political dynamics in Adamawa State.

“Why is Iyawa blaming a man who singularly ensured massive vote touch for President Buhari? Where are the Iyawas and his cohorts of the state? They should come out and tell us how many they mobilized for the President in their Local Governments, Wards and Units?

“Therefore, we wish to categorically state that, the analysis by Iyawa is only aimed at tarnishing the exalted image of His Excellency Governor Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla and this falsehood is mischievously orchestrated and fictitious. It is a big surprise that such concocted story was circulated by someone who claims to love Adamawa State and the APC.

“Therefore, we wish to stress that Governor Bindow is a core APC Member, Loyalist and an absolute believer in President Buhari and his ideals. He is a political guide for all good citizens of Adamawa State and he is a gentleman politician per Excellency who will never indulge in any act of anti-party to the APC.

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“Governor Bindow has tremendous respect and regard for the President and the National Leadership of the APC and consequently, any plan or attempt to disrupt the resounding relationship existing between Mr President, the Party Leadership and Governor Bindow will not only fail but, will definitely not see the light of  the day.

“We therefore wish to use this medium to plead with all concerned or those that could be affected one way or the other by that statement credited to Iyawa, to dismiss same as it is an unfair representation of Governor Bindow’s political standing. The publication is only but, one of the few concocted statements by enemies of the APC and Adamawa State, purposely geared to disrupt the peace and our collective existence in the state.

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