“A beautiful tree that is so rich with ripped beautiful fruits will certainly attracts all manner of people who will want to plug fruits from the tree that has become centre of attraction. The husbandry Man or the owner of the tree will left with an option of fighting people in order to maintain the tree in good shape for it to produce more beautiful fruits again.”

Adamawa state is having the same illustration above, it’s Serene and beautiful in nature,the people dwelling in are handsome,beautiful and intelligent, it is endowed with all minerals resources you can think of,yet it has numerous enemies are within it and only takes a leader (Governor) with a good fighting skills to content them. Possibly one of the reasons despite the good qualities the state bears there are many developmental stagnation here and there stampeding the glory of the State from radiating.

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Of course to turn around bad to good in leading a multi-ethnic society while remaining committed to democratic principles or norms is an uphill task. Adamawa is one of the most chucked up State with over 100 hundreds ethnic nationalities in this country practicing difference religion, hence making the state the most difficult to lead.

At the returned of democracy since 1999 there is not much records to development in the state when compare with other states in the country a reason why many will come to term to believe the age-long retardation of developments in the state.

Another problem engulfing the Adamawa is the incorporating of this several ethnic groups into a single political system,if it must be that way it means bringing together the basic problem of ethnic conflict as well.Group loyalties dividing a multi-ethnic society can, and do undermine, a common identity, government interest or consensus on democratic values.


Adamawa is a state of many ethnic and religious groups; and for this, governing the society is an enormous job. Given the presence of politically assertive ethnic groups, the stability and survival of the present democratic politics depends on how the leader controls the potential ethnic disputes that would result.

With the multi dialectal nature of the state one must comment the Executive Governor of the State, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow for standing strong to see that every tribe, group and or consensus is represented in his government.

In every government there is always a share of the support or contributions from the people it governs. There is much expectations of back up encouragement of Bindow from the people of Adamawa State to be more patience with his government. The unity in the diversity of the people is a unique strength of the state if the potentials will be well harnessed.

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“I’m Optimistic Adamawa State will be better because I decided to work no matter the odds working against me, I need the prayers of every one of us in this state for God to help me work without any sentiment of sort “.

Those are always the yearnings desire of this humble and yet one of the most performing Governor in the country.

Oh yes ” Nothing can stop the Man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” In between the two is an issues of the mental will, and Bindow is willed to see Adamawa heads for higher greatness in all works of life.

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