Play by the rule, candidates’ forum advise 10 no-endorsement-for-Bindow members


The sudden reneging of 10 gubernatorial candidates in Adamawa State on a done deal to endorse the All Progressives Congress, APC, incumbent governor, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla (Bindow), is causing a rumpus in the camp of the opposition.

Feeling betrayed, the Chairman of New Generation Governors Coalition Forum (NGGCF) Musa Maigana has described the dissenting 10 candidates in his group as “politically hungry men.” Engr. Maigana went to accused them of lacking in political principles, “if they can deny and withdraw their support for Bindow after a deal was agreed by the Forum.”

He suggested that his dissenting colleagues were confused by overtures from those he called “political suitors.” He went on to finger an opposition presidential candidate as wooing them over for a quick romance.

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“Before now, we had reached a certain agreement with the present administration of Bindow; we vowed to play our part and governor kept his promise,” Maigana said, querying the rationale for their pullout. He affirmed that by pulling out the 10 sacked themselves from NGGCF.

However the gubernatorial candidate of ANP,Alhaji Umar Jada Calculate accused his colleuqes forging his name and four others candidates of breaking away from the agreemnet entered to support Bindo.

He bluntly denied and distance themselve from the five gang men who can not be trusted and vouch for their words.

” Is only five of them that feel cannot honour a simple agreement not ten please,let the world known the five of us are still with Governor Bindo to give him a maximum support to win martch coming elections.” Umar said


The 10 candidates had issued a press statement on February 13 in Yola, alleging that the Bindow endorsement was an act of deception. The press statement was signed by Simon Bawa, the official spokesman of NGGCF. In it, he explained that the was invited to an event to support one of their own, only to be announced on stage that they were defecting and setting aside their ambitions in favour of the governor’s.

“We wish to state for the record that our attendance was only to grace the flag-off event with our presence based on an invitation by the governor to the NGGCF, a forum to which Bindow belongs.

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But the chair who is the gubernatorial candidate of People’s Trust Party, PTP, considered their press statement was based on falsehood in the light of an earlier deal agreed by 27 gubernatorial candidates to endorse Bindow.

He counselled the rebellious candidates under ANP, CAP, JMPP, MEGA Party, PPA, ZLP, YPP, and NCP to unite and play by the rule.


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