The one Year Relationship between Gov.Bindow and Adamawa state lawmakers

By Tom Garba,Yola

May 29th is a world known day to Nigerians both at home and in diaspora as democracy day since the returned of democracy in 1999 by the tyranny rule of the military.

In the inception of the civilian regime, the People Democracy Party ( PDP) held the affairs of the country’s administration which the opposition parties considered as a holding unto ransom of the Nigerian populace.

A radical move came up and have a change of Government in 2015 when virtually all Nigerians became fed up with the imposition leadership of PDP,  protest votes were canvassed against the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan.

It was a universal change of Democracy system in Nigeria in all the 36 states of the Federation and Adamawa state inclusive.

In Adamawa state there was a new Governor, Sen.Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who has only business and Legislatives experience of Leadership, while virtually all the lawmakers are people coming from all works of life without been privileged or opportune to hold any political positions, but the change mantra brought them to be.

On the part of the lawmakers,despite haven all sorts of novelty in the act of lawmaking there seems to be growing fast on learning the process and getting the rudiments of been legislators.


Many of them have Bills,raised motions and laws that is geared toward elevating and improving the lives of people in the state which is the main primary aim of why they are elected.

The relationship of the two arm of Government is better to be described as an “independent togetherness”, ” sweet sour relationship”. Where each knows exactly the boundaries of it’s operations but strongly united for the betterment of Adamawa state.

The fact still remain the same that world over,for Democracy to be understood is in full operations and the application of it’s tenants are maintain, there must be in-balances to balances,disagreements to agreements in the parts of both the executives and the lawmakers,this is as a result of the fact that the latter is seen to be checkmater of the former bringing to book all the behavior and activities of the Executive to questioning. Avoiding been rubber stamp and puppets of the executives.


This is seen in the Adamawa state law making body, where in many times they approved the acquiring of loans Worth Billions of Naira to the executive in order to allow them perform their constitutional duties, while in many other times they queried or ask why some certain things are not what they suppose to be.

The House has an outright autonomous on carrying it’s affairs without undue interference by any one. As at one point a derailed Member was sanctioned for six months and the independently reshuffled some committees in order to make the House work effectively.

Is on record that all the standing committees have cultivate a habit of doing an over sight functions-Meaning that to implement budget the way it has been approved by the lawmakers. They go round to see work contracted is within terms of agreements.

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The one year of office of both the executive and the legislators of Adamawa state is attested to be democratically peaceful and rancor free of all sort of crisis.

The deputy Speaker,Sunday Peter adjudged that:

“One year In office of the state lawmakers is crown with so many progressive achievements with a high records of success to each of the legislator.”

Peter calling the one year experience “as a smooth journey to both the lawmaker and with the executive,,each independently working without interference from any where, fracas and rancor Free from all the arms of Government.”

According to him all the 25 legislators have sponsored one Bill or the other, within one year of their stewardship as lawmakers they have more than 33 Bills being process to becoming law,3 Bills has been passed into law, and almost all of them have constructed one Capital projects or the oth

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