Hon (Dr) Joseph Ayuba Kwada: A lawmaker with one year of Progressive Achievements in Adamawa state

The unassuming life style of Hon (Dr) Joseph Ayuba Kwada is a life full of humility, Gentility and passionate love to his people who is always regarded as a special people. This attributes of this quite Man but with enormous political achievements in Michika Local Government Area (LGA) has turned him to be a down to earth,simple unique lawmaker the area have ever produced in the Adamawa House of Assembly.

Michika in Adamawa state is the only LGA that has the high numbers of political wards in the entire North and seconds largest in the country. Ibadan LGA in the South West is having 17 Political wards follow by Michika in the North- East which is having 16 Political wards. This makes the adminstration of the area a tasking one.


As a good business Man mindful of his business,Hon.Ayuba focus on his work as a serious lawmaker in making up good laws to the entire people of the state.Being a Man with a passionate love for his people among many Bills he is now to sponsor a Bill that will force the Government of the state to treat the victims of accidents in the state Free.

Being the Chairman House committee on Transport, works, Land and Survey,is working out bills that will help in restructuring of the state’s transport sector to serve the commuters better.

In the flow of the Adamawa House of Assembly the strong voice of Hon Kwada is always an impeccable voice, voicing out the voices of thousands of his people he represents from his constituency. The activeness of this gentleman in making sure Adamawa state under this present leadership are truly enjoying changes in it’s real sense of it. Observe him during plenaries in marshaling out his unresistant points of debates to his colleagues one will be proud a leader has emerged and the people of Michika are grateful to have the kind of Joseph.

Ayuba has now becomes the APC Barbinger of change in Michika, changing lives,changing destinies of many women and Youths who Insurgents attacks had rendered their lives useless by destroying their businesses, houses and some even lost their mentors and economy backbones

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Kwada is mostly seen as a Infrastructure lawmaker with tense urge to alleviate the suffering of the masses through physical infrastructure and poverty alleviation programs.In the 16 Political wards only within a year of lawmaking there is no single word that he has not do one physical constituency projects or the other.

According to some political stalwarts of the area Joseph is an achiever since when he was a councillor of Tiriwo Wambilimi ward where he was rated high in terms of performance in 1999. It was in 2007 seeing his kind of God given talents of leadership that he was called upon to hold the position of Michika LGA on acting capacity for two months, in this few months he did wonders in the life of his people as it is still on records that he was behind the construction of the Bridge in Balable in Foture road,Rehabilitation of Area court Bazza,Rehabilitation of many primary schools and he renovated the entire secretariat.

But in his one year on lawmaking in the state House of Assembly the following projects were initiated in various 19 wards of the constituency;

1.Solar Bo-hole were constructed in Yamwe of Wambilimi Tilli ward.

2. A standard Solar Energy Bohole was equally constructed in Hausari in Michika 1 Ward.

3. Another new Bohole was doged for the people of Muni village in Mukavalita Ward.

Hon.Ayuba is passionate about having good and portable water for his people who have suffered all forms of Boko Haram attacks.He has extended the digging of hand pumps boreholes to the following villages;

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4. Karaza in Zah Ward
5. Kudzum village in Tsukuma Tiliju ward
6. Kamgiri village of Bazza Margi Ward
7. Kasuwan Baza in Bazza Ward given another hand pump Borehole
8. Gari Biri of Jigalamba Ward
9. Mwedrinye of Madzi ward
10. Warakanza of Wambilimi ward
11. Kasuwan Vi is another village in Vi Boka ward
12. Sabin Layi Via also in Vi Boka Ward
13.Nkafa of Mukavacita Ward
14. A Borehole was dogged in Miduka Market of Michika 1 Ward
15. Mutsi Thali of Michika 2 Ward
16. Villegwa of Tumbara Ngabili Ward
17. Minkisi Village of Minkisi Wurongiki Ward
18. Tari Yawa of Moda Dlaka Ward
19. Jauro Sale Village of Mods Dlaka Ward
19. Sins Kwande of Sins Kamale Ward
20. Ghumtala of Garta Ghumchi Ward
21. Hi mike Less of Futu Ward

Hon. Ayuba Kwada did not also stop at constructing news Boreholes in Michika Constituency of Adamawa state House of Assembly.
He renovated and rehabilitated all the damaged ones in the following areas

1. Trifue village of Wambilimi Till Ward
2. The Borehole in Kasuwan Naira of Wambilimi Tilli ward was renovated and people are enjoying drinking of portable water
3. Mbunte Borehole which was destroyed long during the time of Boni Haruna as a Governor is now active in bringing water
4. The Borehole in GDSS watu, Bidi,Kuda,and Kwasimilinge of Madzi Ward were also reactivated,fully in operation by Hon Joseph.
5. Central area and Angwa kashew of Michika 2 Ward is now working after long period of it’s spoilage.
6. Mpika village was destroyed because of Boko Haram attacks in Futu is now working.


Being a Man of love to all religions, he is always make sure he give equal support to the two dominant religion in the area.


1. He create access roads to both Christian and Muslim burial grounds.
2.He contracted a culvate at Mimkisi

3. He gave out hundreds of cements to the construction of Kudzum and Dilichin Bidges

4. He roofed up all the destroyed clinics and Dispensaries in Nkatamya of Mukavacita Ward, also the clinic in Tilli of Wambilimi Till Ward.


In his nature as a meek and humble man with a humane love to those in problem,is passionate about Education a sector he so much dare to invest his earnings believing that is the only way of revamping.

He facilitate the payment of NEBTEB to over 100 secondary school students.

He provided a mobility vehicles to both Christians association of Nigeria (CAN) and Muslims Council of Nigeria (MCN) of Michika LGA chapters of the Association.

Call him a Pastor Lawmaker you are not far from the truth as Ayuba passed through the Unique Christian Bible institute in Ibadan, the Young and visionary Young Legislature had a Diploma (Dip), Degree (BA) in Theology and a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Peace and conflict resolution, from the Ibadan Theological Seminar,these disciplines made his qualities sounds and packaged him to be unique and different in the Adamawa state House of Assembly,where is becoming a Strong voice of worth to the eyes of every Adamawa man.

Seeing the ingenuity of his great art of leading, the Christian Theological Seminary Ibadan has no choice than to award him with the Doctorate Degree causa in Peace Building and Conflicts Resolution.

Hon Ayuba Joseph Kwada (Dr) is now a celebrated lawmaker in Adamawa state as he has facilitated the returning backs of thousands of Michika people back to their original home of stay.

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