Adamawa:Bindow’s Fifteen months in Office: How Far So Far

There are tides and times, but these two in a positive way came to Adamawa State within the coming of Sen. Umaru Jibrilla Bindo who through popular votes emerged governor in be fair, much was expected of him and in all fairness much had been done since he came into office a year ago. The changing face of Yola, the state capital and an overall view of the state as a whole bears testimony to the fact that an active governor is on seat.

Since Bindow occupied the Dougirei Government House, a lot of commendable efforts have been made to better the lives of Adamawa citizens by improving public utilities such as road networks, health facile and public security in the twilight of Boko Haram insurgency that rocked the North Eastern part of the country in the last few years.

One year into office, the infrastructure set up by the Governor have intensified security, making it possible to monitor most parts of the state capital and other urban centers of the state. The street lights installed are not only a marvel to see but also serve as a security apparatus that gives the citizenry a sense of belonging to a common wealth that Adamawa Should be to all .

Today, water locked Jambutu,Wauru Jabbe, Demsawo, etc have become places that could be crossed anytime of the day or night without problems. The worrisome idea of floods during rainy season and subsequent lose if lives and property that goes with it are a thing of the past. The human mind could easily take things for granted, but the master plan by the master mind has made those things that appear impossible, POSSIBLE!

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The roads did not only beautify urban centers but have also made life a lot more easier to citizens by enabling them to establish businesses that thrive due to improved mobility in their areas. The bumpy rides that make women to prematurely deliver babies on their way to the hospitals have been drastically reduced as access roads to otherwise remote or detached parts of the urban areas have been settled. It is worthy of note that the wear and tear of public and private transport have also been reduced drastically thereby saving cost of the maintenance of these vehicles.

These are but only a few of the benefits accrued from a government that believes that the super structure when put in place will facilitate the development of other structures that would make life meaningful to all and sundry.

The government under Sen. Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has done a lot in healing the scars of the Boko Haram insurgency that defaced Adanawa State and almost changed the map of Nigeria. Hundreds of thousands of internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have found succor and have been able to restart their lives from where they were cut off by the violence that rocked their communities. For quite some time these thousands have been kept in camps where medical facilities have to be made available and the children’s educational needs catered for. This is no mean feat given the challenges faced by government in terms of lean resources and inadequate manpower to cope with these unexpected turn out of events that threatened the stability of not only the North East but the country at large.

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One year after, the beauty of Yola can be attributed to Governor Bindow. Yet beauty or physical development without security of lives and property would be naught. In the past one year, Adamawa States has enjoyed a high feeling of security both at the level of insurgents that have threatened the state and political stability as far as internal politics is concerned. Political parties in the state despite their minor internal squabbles have left the citizenry in peace.

The ruling party APC despite its internal problems have been stable as the governor maintained equanimity as he played a neutral role in the affairs of the party that brought him to power. All efforts by different fractions of the party to get him involved in one course or the other have always met a stoic resistance by Governor Bindow Jibrilla whose sole aim is to lead and develop a state rather than factional interest that would deter him from his set goals.

During the recent primaries of the party to occupy Local government offices, his neutrality was visible as he refused to be used to influence popular decision. It therefore came as no surprise that some of those thought to be his henchmen failed to get nomination. All these was done in the spirit of fair play where the majority decides who should occupy what office.

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This is a new development in the politics of Adamawa State where the top man always want his cronies to occupy offices at all levels.

Given this scenario and welter of other salient things that have happened within the state, Governor Jibrilla Bindow has performed commendably not only going by the standard of Adamawa State but also at the National level.

At no time has a governor of Adamawa State performed in one year as much as he has. One year is a period within which to judge development and at the rate things are going, it is expected that governor Jibrila Umaru Bindow will do more.

Four years is the period within which to make a categorical statement as to whether he has met up with the promise he made to the electorate. But from all indications these promises would be met.

So far so good, Governor Bindow knows that the people of Adamawa State appreciate what has been done but yet expect more to be done so that at the end of four years and a possible renewal of mandate, they would be happy to proclaim that BINDOW CAME,SAW AND ACCOMPLISHED MOST OF HIS DREAMS!

By Auwal hajja

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