“Zaki”! You came to conquer, that you did- Sen Grace Bent tribute to Late Hama Bachama


Zaki, my wonderful adorable brother in law, he used all his God-given wisdom and military intelligence to protect and move Bwatiye land forward.
Oh God helps us to pull through this tragedy.

Zaki, my charming King, you came to conquer, and that you did with majestic candour.

You called me a few days to your sudden demise, I now realize it’s a final farewell call when we chatted and discussed other sundry issues.

What happened?
Only you Jehovah knows.
Our trust is in you alone.
Life is full of mysteries, only God can unbundle.

Holy Spirit, please comfort us all, we are just in a huge shock.

Heal our Land with your righteous hands in Jesus Christ name!

May God give us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Is this loss real?
Rest on with your creator my uncommon and intelligent King.
Sen. Grace F Bent. (CON)