Security: State govt should handle all capital and procurement projects of the military.-Reps Nyampa calls


The House of Representatives Lawmaker representing Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency of Adamawa state, Honourable Zakariya Dauda Nyampa has.called on the federal government to transferred the capital and procurement projects of the military to the state government to handle.

Honourable Nyampa said this during a zoom online conference organized by Speak out Africa imitative on the conversation “National Security strategy and insecurity in Nigeria-chatting a new course”

Dauda argued that Governors are those with direct security challenges in their respective states and know exactly how to go about solving their problem with the council of security stakeholders in the state.

He said if Federal Government will transfer the issue of capital projects to state government’s chief securities in their various state, it will be monitored well by making sure the right thing is done and the government at the federal level will serve as a Funding and arm executive arm.

Nampa a professional accountant and member House Committee on Public Accounts, one of the constitutional committees in the House also said prudent on a financial resource will be much maintained by the state Governors.

TGNEWS correspondent joined the zoom Conference and observed Kenneth C Eze, President Speak out African Initiative in his opening remarks about the incessant attacks on many parts of Nigeria because of defects on security management said the meeting is to help the government as a decision-maker get right in order to have lasting peace in the country.

The zoom conference brought together Nigeria Army, Sen Shehu Sani, Dr Chiyere Erondu, Dr Sam Amadi, policy expert, Ruth Olefin, Rauf Aregbesola, Minister of interior and the Nigerian police where Nyampa called for mandatory military work for Nigerian graduates to be enrolled into as their first work until they have other options.

According to him the high level of insecurity is connected with joblessness of able and young adults who graduated school with nothing doing or no enabling environment to create work for themselves.

He also proffered a solution that the military should be given a motivation that will make them and their families feel secure in case of any eventuality at the course of serving the nation.

“Where is motivation to the military when someone at the Central Bank or NNPC is collecting four times of their salaries? I think if the government will properly take care of our soldiers who are defending the territorial integrity of our nations and our lives half of Nigeria security challenges will be reduced.

” When our Justice, equity and fairness to all manner of people there can’t be any ill feelings to burning issues of public interest. Most of our post-election crisis is caused because of injustice meted on politicians and feel aggrieved and the only way to ventilate their anger is to cause chaos.

“While religion extremism and bigotry is all as a result of poor knowledge of the religion one practice, my advice to Nigerians we should take Nigeria first before any other thing and try hard to go extra miles in knowing the religion we practice we help in bringing much mutual respect, peaceful coexistence in the country,” Dauda said