PTF committee on Covid-19:Engr Garba a mole in APC witch hunting the govt of Buhari-Ahmed Lawan,Duhu fight back


An Adamawa based All Progressives Congress (APC) official and a staunch die hard of the party in away of counter attack replied Engr Garba Umar a suppose party member to be a mould planted to destroy the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lawan said Umar has a questioning moral integrity whose party loyalty has been long bought over because of his attitudinal behavior of a corrupt young Nigerian.

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The Adamawa party supporter poured his venom on Garba because of a viral video trending in the social media attacking the Presidential Task Force (PTF) committee on Covid-19 constituted by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the video,Garba laid claimed that the committee under the leadership of Boss Mustapha as the Chairman who doubled as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) are doing nothing in fighting Covid-19 than creating confusion in the country.

Garba’s accusations on the committee of enmeshing wealth attracted a response by Lawal and said is dancing well for the tune of his paid master who hired him to fabricate and concoct lies in the personality of Boss Mustapha, who is a corrupt Free Nigerian.

“This young man is a crocodile whose river,area of stay has been dried up living him in the sun waiting for who to hire him for an attack Job.

“If you could recall, it was this same Man was impeached while a leader of Buhari Youth campaign organizations in 2019 for embezzling millions of Naira, since then he lost relevance in the scheme of things by Buhari Government.

“Umar is shameless young man, despite his disgraceful character condemning his integrity he has the dexterity to fight what President Muhammadu Buhari constituted because they have sponsored him. This is too bad for a young man like him to do.” Lawan said

Ahmed vowed that he will fight back to sustain the good name of Boss Mustapha because he knows him well and what he can and cannot do.

According to him Boss is a proud Father of Political Sons and Daughters in Adamawa State and many parts of Nigeria,a product of goodness whose good leadership credence Buhari has seen in him and appointed him SGF, his trust worthy capability has made also Buhari to called on him to Chair the PTF on Covid-19 Committee.

He said people like Garba are political jobbers and Interlopers,looking for where to get their daily bread. According to him,this is done when they are send for an errand to castigate others or form malicious stories to make earns meet.

“For God sake this Man is risking his life, his family,him and the committee team are in a twenty four hours working for Nigerians but somebody who is very callaous is their ranting because is been paid to do so. It’s really quite unfortunate.

“I doubt it much if Garba Umar has ever be a true member of APC,if truly he campaigned for Buhari,he can’t be this bad in telling lies in a day broad light. We are loyal to APC,and we are hundred percent supporting Boss Mustapha because he is doing exactly what Nigerians are happy for and Buhari is not complaining.

“I for one,a loyal member of APC and supporter of Boss. I can’t be silenced for a disgraced, uncultured and ill behave Man who is a bootlicker of APC enemies to fabricate lies against our elders.

“Umar let me tell you, you can be ranting to hell, Buhari has tested Boss and found him worthy, credible than those sending you in an errand to be doing a dirty job. He is doing the work well and can’t be given to those you are licking their boot.

“His hate speech to accused Boss of making money is the best description of who he really is, you know a thief thinks everybody is a thief,is a Judas envious of what they are doing and he wish he is there to syphon the money meant to fight covid-19” Lawan added

Lawan stressed that the noise of Garba will never in any way deter or discourage Boss Mustapha and his team from working hard to fight covid19 to finish in the country.

He described Yobe born Umar an agent of death and alarmist send on an agenda to stop the work against covid-19 endangering many lives dead.

Also the North East pioneer Vice Chairman of APC,Dr Umar Duhu in his social media Official page coloured and painted Garba Umar black head to toe this way:

“I am constraint to write you this period of Ramadan , a period strictly reserved for supplications to Our Creator and not to be loathsome and diabolical.

I am completely disappointed in you for not factoring *God The Almighty* in your affairs.

Why do you suddenly choose to be mischievous and completely disrespectful, as if you are not from the Northern Region? Who even give you the audacity to addressed our Most Exalted SGF in that manner?

If His Excellency Barr. Boss Mustapha can be *The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria* , and there’s nothing you nor those you interlope for, can do about it.

We believe, Life, Power and Death belongs to God The Almighty .
We can also understand your sentiments, ” _anyone who is not from your divide that merger to form APC, is never fit and qualified for any leadership position_ “.

So Take HEED , you are warned to desist from further casting aspersions on *Our Respected Leaders,else, you will be the one to bear the Brunt.”