Is Governor Fintiri of Adamawa Missing another opportunity?


By Luka Mamza

The Natural place to start is to condole the governor of our State,the great state of Adamawa. Over the lost of his Mother – our Mother. May God, the God of all Comforts, comfort him with Grace and fortitude to trudge through this trying times…..

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The next place to go is to call the governor’s attention to the fact that another opportunity to show leadership is slipping away from the him. This period show cases the real stuff one is made up of. If the governor keeps hiding behind closed doors and dishing out Executive orders intermittently,this opportunity will also pass as did others.

Some governors have been part of the lives of the citizens in their various States.In this Lock down period, please ours should not be another mirage as other campaign promises of this administration. Do not let this fasting period elaps WITHOUT some sort of palliatives in the form of STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE for the people of the State across board. At least they should layhold on this, since the other ones seem far fetched.

The infected persons with the WUHAN VIRUS should be isolated in a very cozy, comfortable , Environment, well taken care of. So we can avoid the Embarrassment of patients protests like it happened in Gombe, Or the Escape that occurred in OYO state. Adamawa must avoid the pertiality of keeping BIG MEN differently since the virus doesn’t DISCRIMINATE.

The enthusiasm and high optimism that greeted the coming of this government is near unprecedented since 1999, because of the fact that FINTIRI is the only governor that people collectively placed in office, with minimal interference from outside. ( So it seems) Unlike BONI & NYAKO who were products of political fallouts of major GLADIATORS or BINDOW, who was just a political miscalculation by some power brokers.

Consequently the ovation that welcomed FINTIRI was a major fanfare, so was the expectation too. But one after the other people’s hands lifted in triumph were dropping in disappointment, seeing hopes dashed every passing day. Mouths opened wide in shouts of joyous electoral Victory,were left open in anticipation,and voices completely Lost …

By the end of his FIRST 100 DAYS in office,BINDOW have finished more than half of the Road projects in Yola. I still remember a little or no expectations were placed on BINDOW…. The BATCHURE ROAD it seems, is becoming the albatross of the ATM. With raining season upon us, I don’t know what becomes of the Fresh air along that less than 3km Road.

It is FLYOVER TODAY and MALKWOI Housing project tomorrow with non insight yet. One political leader in the state said ” maybe FINTIRI have his Gambit somewhere, if not we are in to see a political miracle unfold In Adamawa state”.

It seems the KABILUS will wait a little longer for the actualization of the DREAM 1st class Chieftaincy for KILBA,MICHIKA AND OF COURSE SUKUR KINGDOM ( whose district headship was forcefully confiscated by FINTIRI’S KINSMEN) The Marghi folks.Not to mention the other KABILUS Anxiously waiting for their EMANCIPATION…….

Even the workers of the state – the civil servants ; the primary constituency of the ATM . Who nicknamed him thus are
Beginning to send out some murmurs of discontent.

Among the political class,party faithfuls and political image makers and laundrers. A cloud of dissatisfaction have already hovered over that constituency for quite some time now. This section of the polity is one you keep at all costs, because they have the capability of raking the most havoc. They’re mostly fluidy and unstable,they live off politicking.

Nevertheless, there is still time to redeem his lost ground if the governor truly wants to retain his sit come 2023, normally Governors over perform in the first tenure so as to easily secure a come back and then mess up if they so wish…. but at this point BINDOW’S FATE IS NOT INEVITABLE if things keep being the way they’re for the next one year. The first year is gone already.

Dr Luka Mamza
Adamawa Indigene and writes from Abuja